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Scot Yahoo groups swingers searching boy especially for date

This is a respectable place for anyone in the Inland Empire and surrounding cities to meet, converse, and play in a comfortable swinger environment.

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By Fantasy01March 8, in Swinging Online. We are thinking of posting our sexual wants and desires on yahoo messenger I would think that would depend on how much "exposure" you'd like. We only use yahoo messenger for the chat feature. Our main ad is posted on swinglifestyle.

Since you and your new wife are just starting out and haven't swung with anyone yet, I think you'd be better off contacting others and being contacted by others through the profile you newly created on SLS. Don't do it. Find another avenue to express yourselves, try one of the swinger sites like SLS or swappernet.

Swingers groups on yahoo

Even if your only a free member there you'll have more privacy and more protection from the spammers and ghetto people. We've posted on sls and sn Well I guess we could stand on a street corner naked Patience, grasshopper!

It's only been about a week since you put up your sls profile. We didn't get a ton of s either, at first.

You can meet several couples in an evening without the "pressure" of a date, and if you don't hit it off with the couple you're talking to, you can move on right away. That said, I would recommend two adjustements to your profile. You mention your weights twice. To me, that suggests Yahoo groups swingers and perhaps a lack of confidence. Also, a few pictures of you both would be a tremendous help to anyone checking out your profile. G-rated photos are fine, even with your Yahoo groups swingers blocked.

You say in your profile you are seeking a "long lasting relationship. This in part is related to your thread about not wanting to picture share. We haven't seen that many profiles in our area of folks in your age range, but maybe your area is different. Not that you can do anything about your age, but you may be outside of some folks parameters. Also, you do not have any pictures posted. If there are folks that are looking for you Possibly compatible folks are probably passing you by because of this.

Added to the reticence shown in the other thread of even sending a picture Take some flattering pics of the both of you a post 'em up. If you are afraid of 'looking too old', etc Agreed with other posters on the sheer amount of fakes, advertisments, and junk mail on the Yahoo .

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Dunno if anyone has mentioned it is early and I am still working on first cup o joe so bare with me. Yahoo Yahoo groups swingers going Grated, no more adult Profiles. Since you state that you are looking for a long term relationship, I recommend reading the Polyamory forum here for links to sites more geared to what you're looking for. AFF I think. He wouldn't be specific where he saw it Yahoo groups swingers said he had to. Bama beat me to it Apparently they are going G-Rated, as Bama pointed out.

Anyway I would suggest doing a search for some Yahoo groups to and posting what you're looking for in there. The adult groups are hard to find in Yahoo, but they are definitely Yahoo groups swingers there. The groups I located were worthless, if your lucky enough to find a heavily moderated group which you want to keep the spammers out they tend to be way less active, however, if you make you own and invite to the other groups letting them know you are going to moderate it and want it to be active, you may create a thriving group.

Hate to be the pervayer of bad news, but that has been my experience. Regarding both Messenger and the Groups, Yahoo! If you're serious about wanting to meet other people, you'd be better off sticking with SLS. I've been wondering about this. I never got anything regarding this other than what I got from other people. I have multiple adult profiles on yahoo as well and they are all still there. We have several for our area that are good but they are all associated with local socials But I will tell you from experience moderating an active group on Yahoo can be a huge time investment.

We have listings for several yahoo adult swinger groups that meet actively in New England if anyone wants them. You can post now and register later.

Yahoo groups swingers

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Swingers forum - new yahoo group for freaky people

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Fantasy01 Posted March 8, Share this post Link to post. In our experience Yahoo brings out the crazies and a world full of spammers! Good luck, let us know how it goes, ok? LikeMinds 1, Posted March Yahoo groups swingers, Additude Posted March 10, Bama Posted March 30, Dunno if anyone has mentioned it is early and I am still working on first cup o joe so bare with meYahoo is going Grated, no more adult Profiles. There's alot of good advice here already.

Yahoo profiles are the absolute worst way to get what you're looking for. Posted March 31, The profiles at Yahoo are QUOTE] i guess that makes me Posted April 1, As such, don't waste your time. Turns out the whole Yahoo G-Rated thing was a hoax. JustAskJulie 2, Posted April 2, the conversation You can post now and register later.