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For many years, it seemed that with few exceptions the comic book world was full of strong male superheroes and very few equally powerful females. When it comes to the X-Men, their early years were no different, with Jean Grey the only major female member and nowhere near as powerful as she would become in later years. However, thanks to their ability to tell stories about discrimination and prejudice in many areas of life, they started to strengthen their female ranks and over time had just as many strong female leaders as they did males.

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The X-men are one of the most powerful and diverse groups in the The Marvel movies. Created under the premise of reflecting oppressed groups in the real world, mutants have always had a place - and have always given prominence - to strong and strong female characters. We brought the list here and we will introduce you to who are the most powerful mutants in the comics.

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Comic writers and artists have often gotten a bad rap for their portrayal of women. They can be perceived a bit — how shall we say?

Translation: Boobs! Boobs everywhere!

The most beautiful women from x-men

True, many female comic-book characters are top-heavy and scantily clad. Marvel, especially, has developed and published some incredible female characters. Black Widow is a killing machine, Squirrel Girl kicks serious butt, and Gamora is legitimately the deadliest woman in the universe.

We rounded up some of the most popular and well-loved female Marvel characters below, as well as a look at the entire female roster. She was born and orphaned as in the Soviet Union. And while her family lineage is fuzzy, she might be related to the famed Romanov dynasty.

She ended up in the Russian army, followed by the highly secretive and abusive Black Widow program. Black Widow has also seen her fair share of heartache and tragedy. As we know, though, she ultimately ended up on the path of good. Looking for a female STEM role model?

Captain Marvel is your girl. Before becoming a superhero, Carol was a little girl dreaming of space exploration. You remember Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies, right? She was the very green adopted daughter to Thanos after he killed her parents.

You may remember her from the brilliant Netflix series.

She has a pretty average comic book existence: Dead parents, run-in with a super serum that gives her special powers… you know the drill. The difference with Jessica Jones really lies in her personality.

Jessica is a private detective a la Veronica Mars. Born in Eastern Europe during a time of conflict, Wanda and her twin brother Pietro were separated from their parents during their early years. During their time on the streets, she kept her powers hidden.

Like all good hero backstories, though, an evil villain soon found Wanda and Pietro, took them in, and made them part of his group of evil mutants.

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Ever the individualist, Wanda eventually moved on from the group and found herself as an important member of the Avengers. One cool thing about Squirrel Girl is that she looks pretty average. Yes, she has squirrel teeth and an actual tail. Is there a single more popular X-Men than Storm?

Why is she called Storm?

Girlfriend can manipulate the weather! The two are tied by more than that, however. Did you know Storm married Black Panther and became queen consort of Wakanda?

'x-women': the ten most powerful mutants according to marvel

The two had a son, Azari, and ruled side-by-side until their marriage came to an end in Historically speaking, Storm is an imperative member of the X-Men, and was the first female character of African descent in comic books. Die-hard Marvel fans will agree Storm may be the most powerful member of the X-Men, after all, she did beat Cyclopse with no powers once.

Women x men characters wonder storied and talented actresses like Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp have donned the famous white wig to play this badass woman. When her story begins in the comics, Janet is just your average socialite. Then she meets Dr. To peruse at your leisure, the following list covers a wealth of Marvel female characters from both the comics and the MCU in alphabetical order. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. Visit our Privacy Policy for more info. Get daily updates, kick-ass content, and curated recommendations.