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Being on time for work is an essential quality that many employers desire in employees. Being punctual can help you appear professional, lower your stress and result in several other benefits. Therefore, arriving to work on time is a great way to improve yourself as an employee. In this article, we explain 12 reasons why being on time for work is important. Being on time for work is an important part of being a dependable employee.

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This skill goes beyond arriving on time to classes as a college student or arriving on time to work as an adult. Punctuality touches every aspect of your life, from arriving on time to yearly family reunions, to catching the bus every weekday morning. This practical skill is something you can use every single day for the rest of your life. In this thoughtful post, I offer seven compelling reasons as to why it is important to be on time.

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You can work from home on Wednesdays, pick up your kids from school, and go out for a weekly run with your best friend on Saturdays. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when you arrive late to appointments and meetings. You end up sabotaging your carefully crated calendar. When you are tardy, these carefully-laid plans literally end up in the trash.

April 13,

You can focus your whole self on the task at hand. You can practice respecting your schedule by reviewing your calendar on a regular basis. Ensure you have sufficient travel time to and from your appointments, and avoid overbooking or double-booking meetings. It has a direct impact on your relationship with other people. Your actions truly speak volumes about how you respect and treat other people. Your inability to arrive on time means other people will suffer in their daily routine. Other people will suffer too…guaranteed!

Consider the following scenario.

Why is being on time important for work?

Because of your lateness, their schedule is compromised, and they in turn end up late for their class. Their students will get cheated out of valuable instruction time with their teacher.

Those same students will end up being late for their next set of school activities and exercises. Remember, your actions will speak far louder than your words ever will. To ensure you arrive on time, take care to schedule sufficient travel time to and from your appointments. Do a test run of your travel route or check travel times using an app or travel planner.

Why “being on time” is very important in the workplace?

You work hard for your money, so why would you even consider letting those dollars fly out of your wallet as a result of some forgetfulness or inattentiveness on your part? Making payments well in advance of due dates may not seem like much when it comes to one or two instances. But the truth is adding several small penalties, fines, add-ons, or extras can quickly spiral into the hundreds, and even thousands of dollars!

Over time, these small amounts can exponentially add up after several weeks, months, and years. How is that even possible? Have I convinced you yet when it comes to being punctual with your payments and eagle-eyed on your finances? You can pay hundreds of dollars in extra fees and interest or you can take that money and put it towards your retirement or a dream vacation.

You can say goodbye to thousands of dollars in settlement monies or you can cash that check and make plans to carefully manage your money. Read the fine print in all your documents and contracts so you understand the penalties for late fees or delayed payments. Process your postal mail on a regular basis.

Make a schedule to pay your personal and professional bills in a timely manner. Your wallet with thank you! Everyone loves to get what they want, when they want it.

You’ll respect others’ time.

And guess what? If you arrive on time to appointments and meetings, then you can get what you want that much sooner. We can also control our actions.

Another added bonus to this approach is that it frees up space in your mind. You can cross the task off of your to-do list and move on to other important items in your day. This technique is oh-so simple, but it works. And all it takes is a little bit of focus.

Do your best to prioritize your daily tasks, eliminate those distractions while you work, and get things done during the day. Do you want to make a good impression on someone in your life?

When you arrive on time to your appointments and meetings, it shows others you are a reliable person. Anyone can learn how to arrive on time. Get in the habit of confirming the start time of meetings, calculating travel time and adding it to your calendar, and making a point to leave your home or office in a timely manner.

Do I want them to see me as a reliable person? This is one of my favorite reasons for arriving on time because it is so relevant to the way the world works. While this may sound harsh, it is the truth. The plane, train, bus, boat, or taxi, will leave without you. Sure, you could catch a later flight, but your original travel itinerary will be rendered useless. And consider this point: if we allowed transportation schedules to run without any regular structure order, society would literally not move forward, and would come crashing to a halt.

Do yourself a favor and practice arriving on time to your preferred transportation hub or mode of travel. Add in sufficient travel time to your itinerary and do your best to leave Why its important to be on time your home or office on time. You only live one life. Your choices matter. Your decisions matter. Your goals, dreams, and aspirations matter. The only real question that remains is: are you fully respecting your own time with the respect that it deserves? This may come as a shock, but your time is important. It should also be treated with respect.

Why is your time important? Your time is important because it is your time.

You’ll respect your schedule.

It is your well-organized schedule and calendar entries. Remember, no one else is going to look out for your best interests. No one understands what values, causes, and issues are most important to you. And that is why it is so very important for you to show yourself some respect when it comes to your own time. This includes carving out personal time for yourself, taking your allotted vacation time, participating in causes you care about, and spending time with family and friends.

Respecting your own time may seem a bit silly at first, but it is most certainly worth the effort. It is all about self-confidence and knowing your worth.

What steps can you take to show yourself that your time does matter? Literally put yourself first in your calendar: schedule personal time on weekdays and weekends as needed. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour each night. Politely decline invitations to events and activities that do not support your goals, wants, or needs.

12 reasons why being on time for work is important

Set boundaries for personal and professional time. You can think of this as you being on time for yourself and your dreams, accomplishments, and goals.

Yes, you may not have all the time in the world, but you might as well make the most out of the time you do have available to you. How about you? Can you think of any other reasons as to why it is important to be on time to meetings, appointments, and functions?

Advantages of being on time for work

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This allows a commenter to leave a comment on the website and not have to reenter all of their information. Do you wonder if you need to be on time for your appointments and meetings? We might as well make the most of our time and use it to our advantage. Rashelle Isip is a New York City-based professional organizer and productivity consultant who helps people get organized so they can stress less, have more fun, and be happier at home. Recent Posts. Are you tired of wrestling with disorderly mounds of clothing in your clothes closet, every Are you looking for practical time management tools to help you easily track your minutes,