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Dancer lady seeking friend What does my dream guy look like quiz chatting

Most people wish that their next is better than their past.

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While there are now more ways than ever to meet people, sometimes, it can feel nearly impossible to find the right person. For example, most people have a preference in hair color, while others may be looking for someone who makes enough money to support a family.

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Maybe it's all of those Disney princess movies that we watched when we were growing up, or maybe it's the multitude of romantic period dramas that we just can't seem to get enough of these days, but either way, it seems that we've developed unrealistic expectations when it comes to our dream man. Though, it's through no fault of our own. It's because of all of these fictional guys are so gosh darn wonderful.

Yeah, that's it.

What would your dream guy look like?

They're the problem, because, for crying out loud, they're just so perfect! Who could possibly resist those dreamy fellas?

We certainly don't have that kind of willpower, we'll say that much. Of course, it's only fair to say that our dream man doesn't look the same or act the same as everybody else's dream man. We're all different, so it only makes sense that our idealized dream men are as varied and unique as we are ourselves. We've all got our own ideas when it comes to what makes a guy handsome or what makes his personality intriguing or what makes him irresistibly appealing.

Come on over here and let's play a game—it'll be fun, we pinky promise!

Does he have dark hair?

Play "build a dream guy" and we'll reveal what he'll look like! And borderline sappy, too, but we guess there's some truth in it. Of course, we all know that it's not just a person's eyes, it's what's behind them that counts, but still, a set of pretty irises never did nobody no harm.

What color eyes will your dream guy have? Hair color is a thing that exists, and you probably have your preferences about it when it comes to your dream man, or so we would assume. Some folks like guys with brown hair. Other people like guys with blonde hair. Still, other people prefer—oh, you get the point. Look, what color hair does your fantasy man have?

Pick now. It doesn't necessarily make the man, since there are plenty of dudes out there totally rocking the super smooth, super sleek bald look, but we've all got our preferences when it comes to our dream guy's coiffure, right?

Question 2/10

So, which of the following hairstyles sounds most like the kind you'd like your future soulmate to have? Height is, uh Height isn't as important as a good sense of humor or sweet disposition or whatever else is on your list for your dream man, but it's still a variable that factors into the equation in one way or another.

How tall is your perfect fella? Some people prefer their dream man to have a face full of facial hair, but others like a clean shave on a guy.

There's a lot of room for debate on this, but instead of weighing in on the issue, we'll leave the final call up to you. You can't have a dream guy who's just a head.

Question 1/10

Pretty sure people need to be attached to a body in order to survive, so let's talk about this imaginary man's build. Is he muscular, or is he not muscular, or is he tall and lean, or is he stocky, or? What exactly? Our wardrobe choices are an outward reflection of who we want to be.

We mean, obviously, clothes aren't as important as what's inside, but appearances do count for something because our personal style is a direct reflection of how we perceive ourselves. Which of the following words best describes your dream guy's style? We've questioned hundreds of people okay, so maybe it's more like a handful, but just stay with us hereand they all agree that a good sense of humor is the most important thing in a man. But, here's the thing. There are dozens of kinds of humor. So, what's your dream guy's preference when it comes to cracking wise?

Which disney guy is your soulmate most like?

Hey, what's in a name, right? The name doesn't make the person, it's just a title given to them by their parents, but still, we've all got a list of names that we like and a list that we don't, even if said lists aren't lists at all, but more like preferences. Which of the following names most suits your dream fella? A person's occupation says a lot about them, even if it's only in a What does my dream guy look like quiz way.

Entrepreneurs might be seen as ambitious, for instance, whereas a lawyer might be seen as detail-oriented and a veterinarian might be seen as empathetic and understanding. What kind of profession do you see your dream guy in? All work and no play make a dream guy a dull boy, so instead of focusing on the big issues like job, style, personality, etc, let's talk about something a bit more fun! Everybody's got a hobby, right? What does your dream guy like to do for fun? Which activity sounds like a good time to him? Everybody likes to read, and if they don't, then they totally should because reading is amazing.

You can explore new worlds, relate to other people, learn oh, so many new things!

Reading has a lot to offer, and you can also tell a lot about a person based on their favorite books. Which of the following classics is your dream guy's favorite read?

Everybody's got a handful of places that they like to frequent. Maybe it's a coffee shop or maybe it's a night club.

Maybe it's a bookstore or maybe it's a Look, ya gotta meet your dream guy some place, so which kind of location would you most like it to be? Where does your fantasy fella like to dwell, hmmmm? Some people love them, other people?

Meh, not so much. While partying may be what some guys live for, they might be a major avoid for other guys.

Where would your dream man be at a party? Take a look at the following options and pick the one that fits the bill for your dream guy. There's probably some truth in the belief that opposites attract, but it's still important to have some things in common with your perfect guy, right?

And what better way to connect with your handsome hubby than through music? What are the sorts of tunes you'd imagine your dream guy listening to?

Choose the best genre. Dating can be a real challenge sometimes, but if you're on a date with your dream guy, then it's only fair to assume that the date itself will feel like a dream, too. Everybody has their own notion of what makes a date enjoyable, so what does your dream man consider to be the ideal date night? Oh, come on, nobody is perfect! Even the man of your dreams can't be all good looks and imperfection, that's just not how it works!

People are fallible, people have personality flaws, that's what makes us human. So, which of the following less than desirable personality traits does your dream guy possess? Everyone has something super special about them, something that everybody notices right off the bat. Maybe it's the impish twinkle in their eye, or maybe it's the way they throw their head back when they laugh, and the way lighting flashes and thunder booms in the distance as they stroke their white cat and plot malevolent schemes.

What makes him really stand What does my dream guy look like quiz from the crowd? Everybody is from somewhere, and that's a fact, so you can quote us on that. Everyone has that one place they'll always call home, no matter how far they go in life, no matter how important they become in their chosen industry, no matter where in this vast world they wander to. Where is your dream guy from? The place that you're from and the place that you want to be? Well, they don't always coincide, now, do they? Some city dwellers would love nothing more than to head out to live in the countryside, while some country people would much prefer a life in the city, and, well, you get the idea.

Where would your fantasy guy like to live? Somebody once told us that they didn't watch TV because they thought it was a waste of time. We promptly cut ties with them because we're not even trying to have that kind of negativity in our lives. Good TV shows are the stuff we live for, so why wouldn't we want our dream man to enjoy the same shows we do? What kinds of shows is your dream man into? Maybe we're old-fashioned, but we like the idea of getting flowers as a gift. They're gorgeous, they smell nice, they're a nice gesture.

What's not to love? The kind of flowers a guy might give you says a lot about himself, yeah, but it also reveals a little bit about how he thinks of you. What kind of flowers would you like to receive from your dream man? The best way to figure out a person is by looking at the people they look up to. Hey, wait a minute