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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present.

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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more. Hkii'TH corn in likely to become tlie staple nrop of Western braki. Thirty yenrs ago polntocn sold in mines of 'nlifornia at eight dollars per pound; their chief uso I lion bring in connection with vinegar ns remedy for scurvy, which was a prevalent disease am ng the miners.

Dry potter's clay is excellent for ra niov ng grouse-spots from fabrics in delicate colors. I he romoval o the clay will.

Tomnto Hash: Chop old roast beef or broiled beefsteak very lino, l'ut a minced onion and a teaeiinfnl of toma toes on to boil. When lie onion and tomatoes are thoroughly done, arid the beef, a small piece of butter, pepper and salt, to taste. Serve scalding hot. Orange I'udding: Two large or anges pared and cut in pieces one iic. Let stand and C ol. Chi -nto lonrmtl.

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Cne of the substantial farmers of Sparta, awhen he was married twelve years ago. Several Vermont farmers sent last spring to Castle Garden, New York City, and secured what proved to bo very rood help, mostly German immi erant. Mirror, "this expedient is favorably regarded, and othors will seek assistance in the same d reetii n. The Household. There is a "small farm" movement in Texas whore far-seeing citizens are convin ed that the union of small farms into largo ones is bad policy for thu State.

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The land-ownors of Harrison Oi unty propose to divide their large plantations into small farms and oiler them to actual settlers on the install ment plan helieving that such a course will fill up I he country with thrifty tax payers. Chicago Times. A progressive young farmer in Ply mouth recently bought a Jersey calf for eighty-live dollars, which transaction was thought.

I he old man asked to name the calf and lie promptly dubbed her "Folly.

Inform'ng his father of th s transaction he requested him to give names to his new purchases. K'alerl-ury American. Failures With Onions. More persons fail with onions than with almost any crop raised in the field or garden. Thoy read in a paper that some person has raisod from seven hun dred to one thousand bushels of onions on a single acre of land without the em ployment of fertilizers and with very iittlo labor, and they conclude to do the same.

They purchase the seed re quired, expend a large amount of labor, and raise a few bushels of very poor onions that will not sell for enough to pay for the seed purchased several months before. Onions are in the main easy vegetables to raise, and many do not understand the cause of the fre quent failures to produce them.

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The failures are to be-attributed to one of the following causes: In udicious selection of land, imperfect preparation of the soil, lack of fertilizing material, poor seed, delay of sowing it in the spring, neglect to keep the soil free from weeds, injury from insects. The successful production of onions de pends on attention to several things, and neglect in relation to either of them will result in a very poor crop.

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Good farmers who understand the im portance of doing work woll are quite as likely to fail in raising onions as other persons. Experience shows that the lest land for onions is a well-drained bay or por tion o. The soil is gener ally rich, tolerably retentive of moist ure, and free from the seeds of weeds and grass. Any good corn land that has not bad its fertility exhausted by the production of other crops is capa blo of producing a good yield of onions. It should, however, be quite level and free from stones, stumps and turf. If it is not level portions of the soil will wash away from the seods or plants, it should it possible, be prepared the fall before the cro; is to oe raised.

The black soil of most of our Western prairies will produce a good crop of onions without he.

If any stable manure is applied it should be well rotted and thoroughly pulverized. Wood ashes are highly advantageous to this cro '. The application of salt at the rate of two bushels to the acre has the effect to make the soil somewhat reten tive of moisture and to destroy maggots, which aro likely todoconsiderable dam age. The soil should he plowed deep, well harrowed and raked as smooth as practical. The use of the roller is ad- vantagcotH, both before and after the see Unsown.

It breaks up lumps and helps "firm" the soil. The seed should be sown as early in spring as the soil is in condition to be stirred. The delay of a few days after the frost is out of the ground may result in the loss of a good crop. About four founds of seed is re ,uired for an acre, t can be planted with a drill, which makes the opening, drops the seed and envois i'.

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The vows should be straight and within a loot of each other. The most successful misers use no imple ment in cultivation but the common or seull'e hoe.

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In fa t, the entire cultiva tion consists in keeping the soil free from weeds and grass. If the seed is carefully distributed at the rate of four pounds to the acre no thinning of plants will be required. It is necessary, how ever, to pull the weeds and grass that grow in the row I by hand, and if they are likoly to take root when thrown on the ground they should be rem ived from the field. Neglect to keep tho soil free from any plants but onions, from the time. Most farmers are likely to allow the gr end devoted to onions to grow up to weeds and grass while they are em ployed with other crops.

Chicago Millions in Sight. There's millions in it nvlllons of olid. Milid gold ami silver; riot the lig- ment - so to speak- of the thriftless vis ionary, but the tangible lucre that makes men opulent, that make nat. There's millions in it in the vault that underlies the sub-Treasury building. The doors are opened; the expectant visitor takes his hand from over hiseyes; he peers in, enters, ami. Aladdin's cave is changed into tic store room of j a retail grist mill.

He sees nothing but a solid mass of Iittlo canvas sacks, piled from floor to ceiling, homely as a ' grocery overstocked with brelu Vs. There is no gold here. Tho i vault is thirty-six feet long, seventeen feet wide and eight and a half feet high,vet it holds only l:! H-is asked, where docs all this money come f oni?

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The answer is that the' sub-'l ren-urv - this mean, litt'e, inadequate bui ding is t e receptacle for the entire revenue of the Government from the I'acilie coast west of tho Kocky Mountains; from British Columbia to Mevico. Naturally it may be asked, why is all this money hoarded instead of being out in circulation? I'aradoxical as it may seem, a great deal of it is in circu lation. To all intents and purposes it is Sassing from hand to hand every day.

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It s represented b. A majoritv of tho twenty-dollar gold pieces in circulation have lost so much by abrasion that they fall below the itanda d weight. There a e in the sub I'rcasury over seven tho sand hal -dollars that have become depreciated sim plv by ordinary ab asion while in ci -dilation.

This deprec ation some times amounts to ns n ueh as twentv leven dollars on a thousand. Gold be ing a softer metal sutlers more from the same treatment. Hence fo. Hesides here is in advantage 10 the Gove nnient in issuing silver and gold certilicales. In receiving so many millions of dol lars it might be supposed that an occa sional spurious coin or note would find.

So great is this danger that every piece and every lote has to pass under the scrutiny of inexpert. Not a day pnss s that more or less are not o He red at he Sub-Treasury. The Ass 'stant Treas urer, speaking of this subject, says: 'You would bo surprised at tho inge nuity that is displayed in debasing the different Government coins.