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Thai Shepherd puppies michigan seeking boy especially for massage

We just love German Shepherd dogs and puppies, they are family members to us. I grew up with German Shepherd dogs and have loved them my entire life.

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We expect a nice bunch of differently colored brindles from light to dark. They should be spectacularly beautiful, eye-catching dogs with a nice blend of very willing temperaments.

German shepherd puppies for sale in michigan by uptown puppies

Dexter 's happy-go-lucky attitude and immense desire to please should produce similarly tempered pups that will be joyful in doing anything you want… as long as you want to do something! This is a repeat breeding of Titan to Hannah and we expect it to produce outstanding pups with good working ability with a few for high level sport or police service.

These pups will have good bone, extreme athleticism and eye-catching good looks.

Titan is "all male" with a wonderful head, great body style and gentle temperament. As with all of our Dutch Shepherds, they will require a home that keeps them both physically and mentally stimulated.

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What do our dogs DO? Dentistry for Dogs. Dogs for Adoption.

What is a Protection Dog? Is Dog Sport for You? What is a Blue Shepherd? Cher Car Kennels has a long standing relationship with law enforcement and military service personnel.

Our german shepherds are family to us

Although appreciative of a high drive Police Service or Military Working Dog, these individuals require a different type of canine companion in their own home, and many choose a herding breed to safeguard their loved ones. These dogs must be vigilant in their duties, but also calm and gentle with family members… playing with the kids or snuggling with the cat.

Prices are subject to change. Discount to law enforcement and active military.

German sheperd puppies for sale

Current Litter. Dexter J'adore. Click on dog's picture to view pedigree. Dexter x J'adore. Born June 24, Upcoming Litter. Titan Hannah. Titan x Hannah. Due on or around July 27, Please complete the puppy purchase application form below. Thank you in advance for contacting Cher Car Kennels about obtaining one of our puppies.

As always, we give special consideration to local and repeat buyers, along with performance or service homes, military and police. The United Kennel Club is the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world, registering dogs from all 50 states and 25 foreign countries. We produce dogs that excel in multiple venues, many from multi-aspect titled parents.

Find a australian shepherd breeder in michigan

Our dogs show confident appropriate character and make very loving family members. DOB July 5, Owner: Cheryl Carlson. of Pups: 18 4. Titles: Performance.

DOB June 27, Owners: Lori Webster or Cheryl Carlson. of Pups: DOB April 26, Owner: Lori Webster. Owners: Carole Field of Pups: DOB April 6, DOB November 11, DOB November 4, Owners: Kelly Reed Lucas. of Pups: 7.

DOB March 29, Titles: 60 56 Performance. Owner: Jackie Marshall. Titles: 16 12 Performance. DOB Nov 18, of Pups: 6. Titles: 43 43 performance. DOB Feb 26, Owner: Carole Field. Titles: 36 34 performance. DOB May 9, Titles: 32 32 Performance. Click on the picture of the certificate above to be led to the DSDCA website to see the accomplishments required Shepherd puppies michigan this award.

Cher Car Kennels Dutch Shepherd foundation dam "Rush" on her 16th birthday with a great-great-grandson.

Pictures from Litters. This photo is of three month old Dutch Shepherd litter mates. Therefore, we do NOT sell puppies by color. Socializing our Dutch Shepherd puppies What a difference a year makes! Django and Xis puppies, July 27, Cot x Xis puppies, Cot x Xis puppies, Ledger x Xis puppies, Ledger x Xis puppies, Ledger x Xis puppies, Titan x Jade males, Titan x Jade males, Titan x Jade females, Titan x Lace puppies, Titan x Lace puppies, Titan x Lace puppies, Dexter x Jade puppies, Dexter x Jade puppies, Dexter x Jade puppy, Six of the eight puppies in Shepherd puppies michigan litter were purchased by departments to train as Police Service K-9s.

Dutch shepherd puppies

Three colors from the same Dutch Shepherd litter; fawn, black and blue. These are 6 week old Becker x Chanel puppies. Becker x Chanel puppies at 5 weeks old, Becker x Nora puppy, Becker x Nora puppy, Becker x Nora puppies, Becker x Nora puppies, Six week Shepherd puppies michigan Becker x Zuster puppies, Five week old Lothar x Jade Dutch Shepherd puppies, Lothar x Snap Dutch Shepherd puppy beginning his life of ificance and service, Lothar x Snap Dutch Shepherd puppies, Six week old Lothar x Snap Dutch Shepherd puppies, Six week old Lothar x Nada puppies, Becker x Zuster puppies, Becker x Zuster puppies, Six week old Lothar x Luna puppies, Six week old Lothar x Cayenne puppies,