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Turks baby hunting for Sex stories in law to family

Hello everyone. How is the lockdown treating you? I would just like to remind you all that sex is a great booster of immunity.

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I was looking for a opportunity to succeed her as I came to know that she is very sexy from my as she use to crack very sexy jokes Sex stories in law front of her also her husband is very short and weak, Just to describe my aunt i. I use to go to in front of her house deliberately in the afternoons I knew no one will be there except her waiting for a chance so that she will come out and see me and invite me inside, I did not want to go directly as she may tell my wife that your hubby had come and I will be in trouble as to why I should go to her place without work at that time. One day I just stopped the my car in front of her house she as I was taking a U turn I saw her purchasing vegetables and she saw me and called me Sateesh how are you how come you are here come in and have coffee. I thought this is my chance and I went inside and said I had come to meet my friend who is down this road I got little confused so I was taking a U turn and you called me, for that she said its Ok good Sex stories in law you have come to our house and offered me cool drink while.

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It was after a year into my marriage when my father in law suddenly passed away. My mother in-law was a housewife did not much about shopping or banking. It was all done by my father in law. I was 24 and my wife was 21 had a baby 2 months old. We were asked by the elders in my in-laws family, if we could move in to help the family. We moved in with them about a week later.

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It was a big house, six rooms. Mom in-law and in the master bedroom, elder boy 18 and girls had one room each. We moved into the guest room which was next to the girls, we shared a common bath with the them. It was about a Sex stories in law weeks after we settled in I realised, a book I was reading, which I placed on the top of the headboard of my bed, went missing. I loved reading adult short stories the soft cover type and would rent a few at a time from second hand book shops. I asked my wife if she had seen it, she said no and advice me not to live it exposed as the boy and girls were around.

I had three more books hidden together with some adult toys, a vibrator, buttplug, cock ring and different types of reusable ribbed condoms as well, which I kept in the drawer of a small cabinet beside my bed.

A few days later after I had my lunch I went to my room and decided to read one of the books. I opened the drawer where the books were kept, to my surprise the book that was missing a few days earlier was there but another two was missing. I assumed it must have been, either my brother in law who was or one of my sisters in-law. I kept it to myself and not tell my wife about it. A few days later as I got back from work, it was in the afternoon.

I opened the door to my room and saw Dash laying on my bed, beside her was my baby girl sound asleep. Dash was reading, Sex stories in law seems to be a school text book. I asked her if she could leave the room as I wanted to change. She obliged and left the room leaving her text book Sex stories in law the bed. After changing I glanced at the book she was reading, curious I picked the book up and opened it.

To my surprise within the text book was one the missing book. After I changed, I opened the door and there she was standing just outside, in tears baiting her fingernails, trembling with fear.

While hugging her close, I was sliding my hand up and down her back, petting her at the same time trying to pacify her. I was aroused my cock got hard as rock. I then cupped her face between my hands and kissed her forehead, cheeks and gave a peck on her soft lips. Placing my hand on her cute little bum squeezing it, pulled her forward making her feel the hard-on I had before releasing her.

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She had a shy smile on her face. She then made me promise her not to tell anyone and she promised she will not either. I softly smacking her cute little bum telling her I was hungry and was going to have lunch and went towards the kitchen. Just as I was walking away she said, you can have me instead and quickly went into my room. After lunch I went to my room, she was on my bed reading the book.

I asked, can I have you for dessert now and where can I start? I sat beside her and asked if she like to have sex Sex stories in law me. She put the book she was reading beside her, moving her arms above her head, closing her eyes. I had a good look at her.

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She had long eyelashes, sharp features, light brown skin, slim body, with long black hair she looked innocently sexual. In the mean time my fingers were under her t-shirt Sex stories in law creeping upwards to her tiny budding breast. She was not using a bra, reaching her breast I slide my hand over them, first the left then the right.

They were really small just budding, size of half a lemon with tiny little nipples. Her breathing was getting heavier, she was sexually aroused. I took her tiny nipples between my thumb and index finger gently rolling and pulling them until they were erect. I then slowly pushed her t-shirt up over her head, until her tiny breast were fully exposed. They were the cutest little breast I have ever seen with light pink tiny nipples.

I then kneeled beside her, my left arm under her neck, The right I slowly slide downward her crouch over her flimsy thin shorts.

Placing my mouth over her left breast, I took the whole of it into my mouth sucking gently and flickering the tip of my tongue over her tiny erect nipple. I then moved up to her armpit, flickering my tongue in and around it, then moved up to her left underarm, which was about her head, kissing and softly baiting, then kissing her forehead, I went down her right arm to her armpit flickering and baiting.

She was moving her head from side to side, eyes closed softly moaning. While stimulating the upper parts of her beautiful slim body.

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My right hand was between her legs, massaging her pussy over her flimsy shorts. I then slide my hand up to her tummy, slipping my fingers under the band of her short, I slide it further down her short cupping the unusually high mound of her almost, hairless smooth untouched pussy. Sliding my hand a little lower, using my index finger and thumb I started to massage the lips of her pussy.

She had thick pussy lips for a tiny little girl. She was being very responsive to what I was doing to her by bobbing her bum encouraging for more stimulation. Parting the lips of her very young pussy, I slide my middle finger between them, it was wet very wet from the oozing of her tight love canny. I slide my finger up and down along her wet slit, circling her erect twitching clit with the tip of my finger.

L encouraged, knowing she was going to cum, I begin finger her erect clit vigorously, suddenly she bobed her bum as high as she could. She then opened her eyes, moving her head from side Sex stories in law side with a shy smile on her face, and said. That was out of this world. I reached my climax.

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I asked petting her pussy. She just smiled. You going to tell Jade what happened between us? Can I tell her? Can you trust her. Dash was still laying on the bed. You know something?

She setup, my cock erect like a tent pole throbing in my short right in front of her face. She placed her hand on it, over my short.

You can squeeze and get the feel of it, if you want. You want to have a look at it? Holding the sides, she jerked it down. My rock hard seven inches thick dick sprang out brushing her chin. Holding her hand, placings on my dick, l said, go-ahead get the feel of it.

She wrapped her soft little fingers around it. She looked at me, for approval. She planted a few kisses on the soft head. Wanna take it in your mouth?

Shaking her head, she said. I looked at the clock it was it quarter to four. Time for my wife to get back from work. My baby was up, pickings her up we moved to the sitting room.

I told her I was going out for a meeting will be back soon. I then got dressed and left. End of part 1.