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I am Scripture a wise woman builds her house guy that like fitness

When my family moved to a new state last year, my husband and I looked at tons of houses trying to find the right one.

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This proverb has a wide application as there are multiple ways that foolishness can manifest. How she goes about doing that has many implications. If she is wise, such as the woman of Proverbs 31, she will apply this wisdom to the building up of her house. Her family will prosper.

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She placed each magnetic square and triangle in the exact spot she wanted. She was careful and calculated. Once she had the tower as big as her own body, she started knocking it down and ripping it apart. I remember when my boys would stack blocks and then knock them down and everything would quickly tumble. They stick to each other on the way down and, as this little girl noticed, not all of the tower fell at once.

She had to physically pluck pieces off here, and pry pieces apart there. It appeared that she had to be as calculated with the de struction of the tower as she was with the con struction. Proverbs says that a wise woman builds up her home and a foolish one tears it down. As I looked up this verse, I realized that while I thought it was a verse contrasting two separate types of women, that is not necessarily the case. It was the same girl performing two opposing actions.

I am one mom who can build up my home and also tear it down with my own bare hands. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour NIV. He prowls seeking to kill, steal and destroy John If there is a door open even the tiniest of cracks, he will worm his way in. I build up my home when I remain self-controlled and alert. When I let my home stand vulnerable, I cause fractures in its foundation.

Ladies, we have got to be women of the word devoted to prayer. This is the single most effective way to build up our families. All energy, compassion, wisdom, and guidance comes from the Lord through His Word. If we are not in it, meditating and praying it through, we invite danger to our doorstep — no, worse, we leave the door open a crack and let the snake worm his way in.

Cover every corner of your home in prayer. Devote time during your day to Biblical study. When I forget that God loves them more than I do and I start reacting out of fear, I tear down my home.

A wise woman builds her house

My actions show a lack of trust. Psalm a is a familiar psalm. So much of my spiritual life has been one of striving. When I go-go-go and neglect resting my body and soul, I get snippy and grumpy.

God builds in rest for us so we can cease striving and rest contented. God called us to rest in Him. He is enough. He gives enough for each day.

He is all sufficient. We lack nothing in Him. I have to stop looking for the next thing.

4 things women do to tear down their homes and strategies to build them back up

Enjoy family, friends, and time with the Lord. Punish them with the rod and save them from death NIV. There are many more verses like these that emphasize the importance of discipline. I think that by yelling at my kids to stop, somehow it will teach them the way to go. I rely on quick time-outs to curb their behavior instead of doing the hard work of coming up with a more logical consequence.

A long time ago I wrote out over verses on various character traits and common foibles ex: integrity, perseverance, humility, lying, sibling rivalry, pride…etc. I would sit with each child and we would look at the heart issue and talk about what God desires.

Proverbs meaning of the wise woman builds her house

I really felt like I discipled my children. I got to the root sin, not just modifying and addressing the behavior. Regrettably, I have been lazy. I have got to get back to that. I need to help them realize their sin and direct them toward repentance. When I do not take the time to disciple my child as a conflict arises, I am tearing down my home with my own hands.

I have got to invest and do the hard work required of me as a parent. I have to devote the time it takes to uncover the heart issue so I can help them see their sin — not just their negative behavior. I want to raise sanctified little sinners who know and understand their need for a Savior.

Grab it HERE. Do you want to live a life categorized by intention and purpose? Grab the Intentional Mom Toolbox. Most all the guys I know would say the biggest damage their wives do is ignoring their intimate needs.

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Most women fail to realize the importance of closeness for a man and his sexual needs. They focus on children or the house or their girlfriends or their Bible study etc. Nearly every woman I know has a pet either a dog or cat.

Not one of those women would ever ignore that animals needs for even one day. They would never fail to feed that dog or cat. But they can let their husband go for a week or two without any time or attention to sex.

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I think it would be wise to address this to women and you would find tons of their problems with their husbands disappear. Also many Christian women spend a fortune on Christian books. Even your top four points totally missed it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Look at how this verse is translated: NIV — The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. ESV — The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down. Proverbs CEV. Lord, let me be wise. Keep me from foolishness. Click To Tweet How often have I given in to foolishness? What destruction lags in my wake? Let it stand vulnerable.

Act out of worry and fear. Refuse to rest. Cease seeking approval from others. Cease trying to be perfect.