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The team takes calls on anything from training courses to cars fitted with jet engines. The earliest date a vehicle can be presented is printed on the current test certificate and is also available on GOV.

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Many drivers put their car in for an MOT early to find out if any faults need repairing, thinking they can still use the vehicle until the old test runs out despite any discovered issues. But if their car fails, it's immediately recorded on the national database as no longer road legal, regardless of how long the MOT's validity has remaining. Under the new regulationsproblems are now classed as dangerous, major and minor - with cars listed with a "dangerous" or "major" defect automatically failing the MOT.

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1 this is a common query from testers and presenters. a vehicle is taken in for test too early to be post dated and has lost the time. what can be done?

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Post dating first mot certificates

I know you can have your car MOT tested up to a month in advance if you present the MOT certificate at the time of the test. Does anyone know if you can have your first MOT, on a 3 year old car, a month in advance, i. Post dated to the date of registration. Would presenting your V5 be equivalent to presenting your MOT. Mon 12 Apr 13 month MOT - harry m. Mon 12 Apr 13 month MOT - martint From 'another' MOT info site www. This will normally be the V5 registration document or in the case of lease vehicles, a VE The date of issue on the new VT20 will be the day of test and Post dating first mot expiry date will be the date of first registration plus a year.

If a vehicle is taken in for its first test too early then a VT20 for twelve months less one day will be issued.

OK, enough. Tue 13 Apr 13 month MOT - kithmo. Got it done today, post dated to 8th May. Now there's something I now know for a fact.

Vehicles being tested for for the first time can also be taken in up to one calendar month early but evidence of date of first registration must be produced. This cannot be right. Expiry should be date of first registration plus 4 years? Tue 13 Apr 13 month MOT - hxj.

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Been there and done it. So it does work Reply Report as offensive Link. Maybe a bit late, but also been there and done that.