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Goats for sale

Jollity Farm is open to the public during regular business hours Tues-Sun 9am to 5pm. You are welcome to stop by and visit with the goats any time we are open. They love visitors : In general, we milk the goats once a day in the morning, so if you want to watch the milking process, stop by between 9 and noon.

As we milk them, they get turned out into the field to browse and roam and be goats. You can usually see them at the fence along our driveway.

If you would like a more formal introduction to our farm, we encourage you to book a tour! Tours last about 30 to 45 minutes. Click the link below to schedule or use the .

You will find it at the top of the knoll between the creamery and the barn. Our goat milk soaps and lotions are available to purchase at our tiny store, or online.

I chose Mini Nubians for lots of different reasons, but for me, it is all for the milk. Full size Nubians are beautiful, powerful animals that produce a good volume of milk. Nigerians make milk with a high butterfat content, but they can be difficult to milk.

I consider Mini Nubians the Goldilocks goats. I tried to milk this one and it was too big. I tried to milk this one and it was too small.

I tried to milk Mini Nubians and it was just right!! But there are other reasons, too.

Full size Nubians can weigh over pounds. The average Mini is just about pounds or less.

This makes them much easier to handle when feeding, medicating, trimming hooves, milking, clipping or showing. Lots of kids in this area are choosing Minis for their 4H dairy goats.

They are a great size for this, plus cute as can be :. A full size Nubian buck in rut Minis are much easier on fences, feeders, milk stands, etc. When you are ready to bring them home, Mini Nubians are not only easy to handle, they are also easy to transport.

Even our adult Minis can fit in a large dog crate in the back of our Subaru wagon. No trucks or trailers involved. Try doing that with a full size Nubian : Because they are so much smaller, they only consume about half the amount of feed. For the same amount you would need for 2 Nubian does, you can have a whole herd of minis!!!!

Fischer family farms, llc

More personalities, more fun, more kisses, more goat therapy, more whatever it is you love about your goats But about the milk. So how much milk do they produce?? First time milkers of any breed will always give less than experienced does.

I have found my first fresheners give about lbs of milk a day. Senior does average around lbs of milk per day, and a few really good ones make it into the "Gallon Club" giving over 8 pounds of milk a day!! I love a good bargain :. Back Cheese Soaps Lotions. Our Goats. Farm Visit.

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Learn More ยป. Book a farm tour! Why Mini Nubians?