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IN This shift towards late marriage took place during a period of across-the-board advances in employment for women and a remarkable improvement in their education.

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Beyond obedience and virtue: love, sex and marriage in hong kong > articles

It is a platform for adultery—an act considered sinful by most cultures. And now that vision includes China.

And why not? Rolling out the site in a given country typically involves work such as buying the URL there, translating the site, hiring customer-service staff who speak the local language, unveiling a marketing campaign, and adjusting the payment system for the fees men incur to send messages to other members.

With Singapore and South Korea blocking the site infidelity is a crime in South Koreamainland China remains the last market to be conquered in the region.

China: the next market for the world's top adultery site

Biderman admits that his ambitions in China are just that—ambitions. We are kind of doing it different with China. We are going to have a true business plan, like what GE would have. They still have affairs because for them it is a biological need. From its name a mash-up of two popular baby names for girls to its pink color scheme, Ashley Madison actively courts women in addition to men.

But how would that play in China, where it has historically been more permissible for men to cheat on their spouses than for women to do so? Women who indulged themselves in these things were certainly not seen as good or free of sin, not as pure or virtuous.

It was a very gendered thing, and I think that the difference now is that women and men both can indulge themselves in this sort of thing in China. Indeed, a study conducted by Chinese and Western researchers revealed rates of infidelity—both commercial and non-commercial—among Chinese men and women of While Chinese men hovered around the median Why would Chinese women demonstrate a greater propensity for adultery than women in France, where sexual attitudes are often portrayed as remarkably liberal?

Or than American women, who are bombarded by infidelity in TV shows and movies, not to mention among the celebrities that star in such entertainment?

It had a big impact on the way that women saw themselves. So Chinese women feel as though they have a right to the things that Chinese men have a right to. According to research into the subjecttwo of the most important precursors for infidelity are sexual history and opportunity.

Adultery website to launch in hong kong

Studies show that the more sexually active a person is prior to marriage, the more likely that person is to cheat. And people in China appear to be growing more liberal on sexual relations—particularly the young, educated, and upwardly mobile. Infor instance, a survey from Insight China magazine revealed that more than 70 percent of respondents had engaged in premarital sex. Another phenomenon associated with infidelity in China involves women married to partners whose income is modest.

In China, Farrer says, sex has traditionally been seen as something that comes later in life and is earned. Divorce rates are also on the rise in the country—and surveys suggest adultery is a big reason why.

Are these marriages ending because of infidelity, or is the increased prevalence of divorce de-emphasizing the importance of marriage, thus making infidelity and the risk of getting caught less of a deterrent? The answer is elusive.

In Hong Kong, Biderman has noticed outliers that make him bullish about the Chinese market. That is a great time and place to have an affair.

That is part of why our growth has been the way that it has. Biderman acknowledges that he may need to compromise when dealing with authorities in Beijing, and concedes that a Chinese version of Ashley Madison could look very different than its sister sites.

Ultimately, however, he seems determined to make his business succeed in the Middle Kingdom. And so, it can be improved upon and lead to less family breakdowns. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword. In Subscribe.

President Bill Clinton. The poster re, "What do these men have in common? They should have thought of Ashley Madison. Life is too short. Try the adventure. A suspected prostitute and her client during a police raid in Beijing Reuters.