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Love one another as christ loved the church girl looking up men especially for dances

The Bible says we are to love one another.

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We'll send you an with steps on how to reset your password. John 13 is the first of five chapters in the Gospel of John that are referred to as the Upper Room Discourse. Jesus spent his final days and hours having meaningful dialogue with his disciples to ready them for His death and resurrection, and also to prepare them to preach the Gospel and establish the church.

Jesus was charging his disciples with what seemed impossible. How could they love others with that same unconditional love that Jesus demonstrated time and time again? His disciples were shocked when Jesus spoke to a Samaritan woman see John The twelve disciples may have been part of the group of followers that tried to turn away children from seeing Jesus see Matthew They failed to love others in the same way that Jesus loved others.

Jesus knew all of their shortcomings and growing edges, but he still gave them this new command to love one another just as Love one another as christ loved the church loved them. This command to love was new in the sense that the disciples would be empowered in a new way to carry out the same kind of love that Jesus had shown — a love that included acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. It was a love marked by selflessness and putting others above oneself, a love that even transcended cultural normalizations and expectations.

In this verse, Jesus is speaking to his disciples. Earlier in his ministry, Jesus had affirmed the two greatest commandments see Matthewthe second being to love others.

Lesson loving as jesus loved (john )

Once again, in the upper room with his disciples, he taught on the magnitude of love. In fact, as Jesus went on, he made it clear that their love toward others would be what sets them apart. Their love toward others would be the very thing that marked them as believers and followers of his. This is what Jesus did before instructing the disciples to love others just as he loved them.

What it looks like to "love one another" as jesus loves us

As much as Jesus was speaking to his disciples in that room, through Scripture passed from generation to generation, Jesus spoke this command to every believer from then until now. Still true today, our unconditional and selfless love will be the thing that sets believers apart, as well. The verse is consistently translated among the different English versions of the Bible with little variation.

This uniformity among translations reassures us that the verse is clear and precise in how it is interpreted and prompts us to consider then what it means for us to love as Jesus loved. Just as I have loved you, so you too are to love one another. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. After Jesus instructed his disciples with this new command, he explained that when they love as he loved, that is how others would know they are his followers.

Why are we called to love one another?

That means when we love people just as Jesus loves us, they too will know that we are his disciples because of the radical love we show. Scripture teaches that we should be different than the world see: Romans1 PeterPsalmProverbsand the way we love is a major indicator of being set apart as followers of Jesus. The early church was often noted for the way they loved others and their love was a witness to the validity of the Gospel message that drew people to give their lives to Jesus.

These early Christians shared a life-transforming Gospel message and they shared a life-transforming kind of love. The newness of this command is found in the condition to not only love, but that they were to love others as Jesus loved. Jesus instructs us as his followers to love in that same way: unconditional, self-sacrificial, and servant-hearted.

Jesus walked this earth teaching, serving, and embracing people. Jesus tore down barriers and hate, approached the oppressed and marginalized, and invited those who wanted to follow him to do the same. Out of his love for us, Jesus spoke the truth about God and preached a message of repentance and eternal life.

His great love prompted his final hours to be spent arrested and brutally beaten and murdered. Jesus loves each of us so much that he went to the cross and laid down his life. But Jesus sent His spirit to empower us to live as he lived and to love as he loved.

Loving as Jesus loves will require lifelong learning, and each day we get to make that choice to follow his command. We can show others the same kind of love Jesus showed by being humble, selfless, and serving others. We love others like Jesus loved by sharing the Gospel, by taking care of the persecuted, the orphans, and the widows.

And when we do love like Jesus loved, others will know that we are indeed his followers.

What an honor that Jesus welcomes us and empowers us to love as He loves. This verse does not have to seem like an impossible instruction. It is a gentle and revolutionary nudging to walk in his ways rather than our own.

It is an invitation to love beyond ourselves, and to focus on the interests of others instead of only our own desires. To love as Jesus loves means we will live the most fulfilling and satisfying versions of our lives knowing that we furthered the kingdom of God rather than leaving our own legacy. Jesus modeled humility as he lovingly washed the feet of the disciples, and when he went to the cross, he made the greatest sacrifice out of love known to humankind. Pamela Palmer is a writer, chaplain, and the founder of upheldlife.

She lives and thrives on Jesus, coffee, and music. She is in pastoral ministry and gets to share in the emotional and spiritual lives of many people, being a small piece of each journey. Pamela married the perfect man for her and they have two beautiful kiddos. She has been published on herviewfromhome. Plus Toggle. Password Assistance. address.

‘just as i have loved you, you must also love one another’

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