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When a relationship is new, everything feels light and easy. You can't keep your hands off each other, every night is a date night, and the world feels like a more beautiful place.

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Posted January 21, Reviewed by Ekua Hagan.

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The two of us had a whole lot of love for each other, and we believed that was enough. We thought that the jealousy, codependency, infidelity, and endless Is my relationship salvageable were merely obstacles to overcome… never cause to go our separate ways.

Sure enough, we eventually saw these issues for what they were: s that our relationship was failing. As long as both partners are willing to put in some work and make the necessary changes, their relationship can prevail. Fran Walfish, family and relationship psychotherapist, is here to further explain what ifies a sinking relationship and what it takes to salvage it. Walfish identifies four s that your relationship is on the decline:. This can be a al that you may be at an impasse with each other. Ask your partner to you in taking a beat and self-examining.

Try to identify how you each feel in the moment and own up to it out loud.

Healthy communication means active listening to the other person without interrupting by trying to force your opinions down their throat. Instead, listen to them and narrate out loud what you hear them saying so that they feel heard, validated, and accepted—flaws and all! They will feel loved, and you will be the beneficiary. Or, it can be mutual discontentedness. It might also be a of added mistrust, perhaps Is my relationship salvageable for good reason if the other person lied, cheated, or demonstrated distrustful behavior.

You need to sit down with your partner and have that honest, painful looking within talk about your relationship, in general.

Often, this is the best facilitated and mediated with the guidance of a qualified, experienced therapist. If you value the relationship, get help!

The cheater is missing the character component required to imagine the impact of their own behavior on others. Walfish says that you can improve your relationship by following her three-pronged plan, detailed below:. Prong One, Self Awareness: Dr. Conflicts, miscommunications, and not being on the same in a relationship are inevitable.

The key is to self-examine and own up to our missteps and mistakes, learn from them, and not repeat them. It is so easy to look outside oneself and point a finger at the other person. Taking responsibility for our own behaviors and understanding the reasons that motivate us is the greater challenge. Prong Three, Communication: Is my relationship salvageable third and final essential to repairing a relationship is improving communication. Walfish explains.

Save your relationship: three-pronged plan

Often, these styles are unintentional. Learning how our partners experience us and the ways in which we react is the true art of healthy communication. She devotes herself to distributing important information about mental health and wellbeing, writing mental health news and self-improvement tips daily.

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Is my relationship worth saving quiz

Tagged with: relationship. Walfish identifies four s that your relationship is on the decline: 1 Isolation. Walfish says that you can improve your relationship by following her three-pronged plan, detailed below: Prong One, Self Awareness: Dr. Find A Counselor.

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Is my relationship worth saving survey

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