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Infj dating and relationships girl seek guy for dances

Just when I finally decided I liked this guy and felt ready to take the next step, the whole thing went belly-up.

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By Elaine Schallock. Okay, okay, I exaggerate. Although I personally have never born witness to the fabled INFJ-INFJ pairing, it is, of course, a possibility; this is evidenced by the fact that we have received more than a few inquiries about the prospective compatibility of such a relationship. So here goes. On a theoretical level it can work. In fact, we propose that any type pairing can work in theory, but different pairings will encounter problems unique to that combination.

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Photo by Burst from Pexels. Take it from me, an INFJ. They are a jumble of complications who have a tough time fitting in and seeing the world just as it is. From a young age, they start feeling like misfits. With time, they begin noticing the problems in their friendships and relationships that come along with them being INFJs. Dating an INFJ may seem like a dream because of their rarity, but their uniqueness comes with a price.

Some INFJ traits can become issues in their relationships.

Romantic relationships

INFJs are sensitive by nature. Since Introverted Intuition is their dominant cognitive function, INFJs are not new to observing human behavior, following their intuition, and feeling empathy towards people. However, in the long run, it often becomes a basis for arguments in relationships. INFJs are good at spotting lies and knowing things. They expect transparency, but some things in relationships may just best not to be shared.

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For instance, sexual thoughts about someone else, broken family relationships, legal cases ending up in court, and so on. As soon as an INFJ senses dishonesty and deceit, their mind becomes restless. For example, if their partner comes home sad, they will just feel it.

But it becomes an issue once what the partner says does not match with how an INFJ believes they are feeling. Unrealistic Expectations. INFJs are dreamers. They need to feel that the world that they live in is as great Infj dating and relationships the one they create in their he. They firmly believe that people should grow every day and become a better version of themselves.

So, naturally, they push themselves and their ificant other to thrive as individuals.

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From the outside, it can seem like forcing a person to be a certain kind of way. It is easy for the partner to feel pressured into being a specific person that the INFJ idealizes. INFJs feel that every person should work towards becoming better with each passing day. But these expectations are placed heavily on their lovers. Eventually, their Infj dating and relationships may get tired of them and feel inadequate as a person for not living up to those expectations. It is a well-known fact that INFJs have unswerving values and principles that drive their actions.

Their belief systems are of love, kindness, justice, and equality. They live by their moral code. Some of the most famous INFJs in the world are known for bringing change because of their deeply held values. Martin Luther King Jr. Likewise, Nelson Mandela fought for the same cause until the day he died. Both of them were INFJs and fought for equality with their life. Their morals are one of the key drivers of their lives.

While humanity comes first to them, it is necessary for them to know that the right things are being done. Likewise, they expect their partner to only do the right things.

They may lose sight of the fact that their partner is a completely different person from them. Infj dating and relationships partner may feel as though they are not being accepted for who they are. They may feel forced. At one point or the other in their lives, they give up on being understood the way they are. Being complex is an inherent quality of an INFJ.

People can see them as being too complicated to understand. There can definitely be times when they open up. But mostly it ends up making them feel even more like an outcast. No matter how much someone tries to understand an INFJ, it all seems to go in vain.

An understanding partner may attempt to know an INFJ deeply, but sooner or later, it gets tiring. For example, a partner may try to understand why alone time is mandatory for an INFJ or they may try to understand why an INFJ enjoys talking to plants and animals. But in the distant future, it will be something that affects their relationship. INFJs are givers by nature.

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But the problem is that they have the tendency to give too much. The fact that they forget to maintain their boundaries in a relationship and tend to love their partners more than themselves with them can be a well-suited example. An INFJ is someone who never puts themselves first.

To them, their loved ones always come first.

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They will never make any decisions that hurt their family or friends in any way. INFJs will take a bullet for them if they have to. They never bother to measure it. INFJs tend to only keep the portion enough for survival to themselves and give the rest. They find beauty in giving. Boundaries are extremely important in relationships.

When someone is completely devoted to their relationship, the other person might easily take it for granted. Once an INFJ is in love and puts their wall down, there are no boundaries. When that happens, it becomes a concern in relationships — especially if the partner has their own boundaries. INFJs may try to respect that, but because of their sensitive nature, there will be possibilities of them feeling hurt.

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Like bulls, INFJs are known to be extremely stubborn. In connection with their strong morals, they do not back down when it comes to what they believe in. INFJs are the kind of people who will fight till the end for what they consider to be right. Their stubbornness, unfortunately, becomes a hurdle in their romantic relationships. Being with someone means that some situations demand compromises. For example, an INFJ will hate the idea of their partner carrying deer bags that are made of animal skin and an INFJ may ask their partner to not invite a good friend because they give off negative vibes.

Even if an INFJ loves someone to death, they will leave the relationship behind if it means they have to choose something they do not believe in. To some extent, however, certain traits will affect their relationship or their partner in one way or another. An INFJ may bottle up these feelings and suffer alone. It is extremely important that an INFJ prepare themselves before getting into a relationship since they know what comes with it. An INFJ may experience failed relationships more than a couple of times due Infj dating and relationships their personality differences with their partner.

Infj dating and relationships grown INFJ may try to find acceptance in certain things instead of reacting because of how truthfully it explains their nature.

They may seek advice from other people. Some INFJs may take their time off of relationships and focus on taking control of certain qualities and feelings.

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Some may choose not to be committed until they find themselves as an individual. It is important for those dating INFJs to understand what is in store and to better understand them when these instances do occur. Boo is the MBTI-inspired dating and social app for compatible dates and friends. What are you waiting for? Apr 22 Written By Arsha Thapa. Address. Up. Arsha Thapa My-est version of humans, writing for passion, student.