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It's good to start at the bottom.

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She is a member of the Labour Party.

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The of people in the UK working on zero-hours contracts has risen sharply over the past decade, frompeople, or 0. But what is a race to the bottom? And are these concerns justified? Essentially the notion of a race to the bottom describes a view of government deregulation of the business environment. A world where companies cut costs — and wages — in order to be more competitive.

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Some people see this as a business opportunity that creates a seedbed for entrepreneurship to flourish. But too often, away from the political debate, these moves mean workers tending to work longer hours for lower pay, fewer benefits and worse conditions, either to keep or attract business. It has a particularly detrimental effect on the lowest paid, making them increasingly desperate for ever more work.

Supermarket giant ASDA is currently introducing new contracts that are said to remove paid breaks and night shift allowances. According to ASDA they need greater flexibility because of the competitive business market and state that wages will increase. However, its employees would end up effectively doing the same for less with little control over their working patterns.

Another result is the gig economy.

4 reasons you really should appreciate being at the bottom of the ladder right now

Defined as a labour market with a prevalence of short-term contracts, this has doubled in size in the UK over the past three years. Likewise, the use of zero-hours contracts with no guarantee of a minimum of work hourshas increased from 0. : Ken Loach's new film on the gig economy tells exactly the same story as our research.

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Virtually all of the participants found work through labour market intermediaries LMIs — commonly known as employment agencies, rather than working directly for the employer. These agencies link individual workers with organisations, but there is evidence of worker exploitation.

The importance of work wellbeing and how it can affect your bottom-line

The shifting of employee responsibility to LMIs is a common strategy in order to cut the wages bill and increase profit — by removing responsibilities around things such as pensions, holidays and sick pay. But the uncertainty can eventually become exhausting.

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One of the causes cited is employment policy. An example from our research is illustrated by the experience of Leventica Marina self-employed Big Issue seller, living in poverty with no access to holidays, pensions or sick pay, who had to continue working even after a physical assault. Leventica is one of many.

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This research by the Social Metrics Commission calls for organisations to understand the measurement and need to take action to tackle poverty. The people who often end up in this kind of work are the economically vulnerable. Such an approach gives flexibility and opportunity, and at the same time takes away flexibility and opportunity.

Top-down or bottom-up management: which is best for your business?

It is true that there are legitimate and real benefits to the kind of flexibility afforded by the gig economy. For consumers it means more choice and convenience, a better customer experience. Orwell advocated looking at the machine age in ways that made it successful for workers, not just the factory and pit owners. Orwell advocated a genuinely revolutionary socialist party as the obvious — and only — answer to the troubles of the time.

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Today, the real prospect of a race to the bottom is something that should concern as all. Plymouth Contemporary — Plymouth, Devon. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.