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Elitesingles chica found guy especially for I have been dating a guy for 7 years

One or both partners may start to feel restless, they might start questioning their feelings, and they may even feel less satisfied in the relationship as a whole. Of course, not every couple will experience this. But if you think the 7-year itch is just another old wives' tale, relationship experts actually say otherwise.

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Do you think I am wasting my time on this relationship?

Or should I hang in there. I mean we sometimes talk about getting married eventually but still no ring or plans Hi Im sorry no one can state he doesnt see you as his wife no one knows whats going on in his head. My best friend was with her Husband and they got Married after 18 years together 3 years ago.

Ok have you asked him why he doesnt seem to want to marry you? He may just not want to Marry,some people dont. He may think why fix what is not broken. I know how you feel Ive been with my fella 7 years we have a daughter and I moved out his house last year,it doesnt make them want to Marry you anymore,I never moved out because of that but I dont think my fella will marry me Im his 3rd Long term and the other 2 finished the relationship as he wouldnt Marry. If you move out its really really hard times harder after living together.

Ask yourself would you rather be Married just to be Married or can you be happy just as you are forever? I know by your man wanting to Marry you it makes you feel complete loved and secure,unless anyone has been where you are they cant really quote hey x.

Ask him will you Marry me this summer a little wedding and see what he says ,if you dont ask you dont get and ask him for a striaght answer? I ended a 9yr relationship with a guy that was painfully obvious was going to go nowhere!! He wanted a room-mate, companion and someone to help pay his household bills I moved out I have never been happier and met a great guy 7 months later.

Best thing I ever did YOU will need to do the same. He has committment issues and will never marry you. He may buy you a ring He'll pick the yr. Move on!! I have also been dating the same man for over 10years.

We do talk about marriage and our future quite a bit, and seem to want the same things but than another year passes and no proposal. He claims he doesn't believe in marriage.

I feel like I'm wasting my time sometimes. Ladies who want marriage shouldn't lower their expectations.

11 s your relationship won't make it past the 7-year itch

If it's been forever and he hasn't proposed, he will probably never do it. Time to start establishing an independent life with people who really do support you emotionally. Just dump him stop wasting your time.

But if you like this guy a lot then just sit down and talk to him and be like I was hoping to get married how do you feel! I was also in a My ex talked and talked and planned a future and kids and a wedding. However no ring ever appeared. They can strong you along by talking about it but if he wanted it he would do it. This took me a long time to realise but now I have and I see that it's no expecting too much asking someone to commit to a life with you if it's important to you.

I'm by no means ready to move on and meet someone else but when I am it will be someone who wants to commit to me for life and doesn't have to be asked to.

You take each other for granted

We all deserve that. Ladies, I am in that same situation. I have dated my man for 10 years too.

He told me to buy a wedding dress our eight year of dating. Then told me to set a date our ninth year. I was the fool because I believed that something was going to happen He ask me to all that, but he never actually proposed.

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And his excuse has always been about money. We are both professional people. We each have our own houses. He didn't want to move in mine and his is very small t accommodate us all. Unfortunately, I have the children not by him who have been asking, " when are we going to tie the knot?

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I was very transparent with him about just dating for some many years. I know we wouldn't be happy or feel a true sense of joy because we can't communicate well. Presently, I have come accustom to being by myself. I don't have that drive to keep trying to fix it anymore. But I can't put all the blame on him.

I have been dating my guy for 10 1/2 years but we still are

I compromised my values and belief system. Today is not the first or third time I said to myself " this is not working for me! I do feel that the relationship can suffer for some couples such as mine, when it been a long period of dating. Plus, my kids are watching me, right? These past three weeks he and I have not communicated and this morning it was a shouting match over the phone; something I don't do I stepped out of character that did not make me feel good at all.

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In closing, I love him ,but I know now that I am not "in love" with him anymore. So I will have to have this heart-to-heart conversation don't want to marry him now with him very soon. Be strong ladies and encouraged! It's horrible to hear, but quite simple, if he thought of you as The One, he would have married you a long time ago, it's just the way it is and I say this from experience.

I was in a 10 year relationship with a man I adored beyond believe, and he refused to marry me for a long time, one day, he just dumped me, saying he knew I wasn't the one for a long time, but stuck it out until he eventually decided to get back together with and old recently divorced girlfriend. It will hurt like hell to break things up, and you will question absolutely everything you've ever felt or believed in, but in time, you'll get better, and realize you have a life to live and can't be wasting your time on someone who doesn't love you the way you deserve to be loved.

He might be a great man as I still think mine wasbut you deserve to have a marriage and a family, and if he can't produce that, then it's better to let it go. Who dates for ten years??? Make a commitment or someone else will. That is not true. Don't pressure him into something he doesn't feel ready doing yet.

My friend got married to her husband after they were dating for 15 years. This is all so sad! I'm in the same exact boat I met my boyfriend when I was I'm almost He's my bestfriend and a gentle soul. I just don't understand why he hasn't committed to me. I hint it. But, I guess I have to be more direct.