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The topwater popper is one of the most timeless bass lures in the arsenal. As timeless as they are, nowadays few anglers rely on poppers as more than just situational baits — which is a serious mistake. Something about their subtle disturbance and realistic profile is just irresistible to bass from coast to coast. Landing a popper like the Castaic BD Popper 4 feet away from the target will result in far fewer strikes than landing it right next to it. Practice makes perfect, and putting in the time will pay serious dividends. To be most effective, practice underhand pitches and roll casts, as they are the best way to present a popper to shallow targets.

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Popper lures are a thrilling and effective way to lure fish to the surface and attract bites. Fishing with a surface popper is way more exciting than using your average lure because you can see a giant fish come up and trash it.

Table of Contents What is a Popper Lure? What is a Popper Lure?

What is a popper?

Popper lures are a kind of topwater surface lure that skips across the water and attracts fish. Popper lures often have a concave or hollowed nose that is deed to pop and chug water as it is retrieved.

This popping and chugging commotion simulates a wounded baitfish and gets the attention of hungry fish in the area. This is why popper lures are so effective.

They can be made of hard plastic or wood and have either flat or blunt fronts. Cast It Accurately Some lures you want to place just outside the strike zone.

Popper lures you will want to place directly where you think the fish are. Try to cast it as accurately as possible directly in the hot spot. Try waiting a few seconds between pops and you may find you get more bites.

Set Your Hook Properly It can be very tempting to set your hook as soon as you feel a fish strike, but this will often result in a poor hookset. Instead, let the fish take your lure under the water and then firmly set your hook. This is how you properly set your hook when fishing a surface popper.

Popper lures are known to work well for a variety of gamefish such as bass, stripers, pike, muskie, perch, panfish trout, and much more.