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I am look up male who wants How to start dating your best guy friend

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My husband and I started out as friends — best friends who had to spend years convincing other people that we were only friends. But then, well, after that friendship blossomed and when both of us were out of relationshipsthere was a weird switch that happened in our brains. What if we tried to take things to the next level?

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By: Mary Elizabeth Dean. Some of the best relationships start as friendships. If you find yourself crushing on your best friend, you might have met your soulmate.

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Many people are hesitant to start a relationship with a close friend for fear that the friendship will be ruined. The fact of the matter is, if your friendship is strong enough, it should stand the test of a relationship. On the other hand, if your best friend is the best person for you to be in a relationship with, you are doing yourself a disservice by resisting a relationship with him or her.

It would help if you were primarily concerned about yourself and your happiness. If being with your best friend is going to bring you joy, you should go for it. There is no feeling better in life than love and happiness. You can share these feelings with your best friend. For this reason, dating your best friend can be the best idea. When you start a new relationship, you have to worry about all of the implications.

Learning about a new person, finding common interests, and learning what you will enjoy doing together. When you are dating your best friend, you won't have to worry about these things. You already know that you have fun together. You have spent a good amount of time in a platonic relationship, so you have plenty of insight into shared hobbies or other interests.

This means you can spend less time getting to know one another. You can spend more time doing the fun stuff like dates and intimate time, instead. The foundation for a healthy and thriving relationship is already laid when you are dating your best friend. You will have to pave together new avenues, but the journey will be much easier because of the history that you have.

This gives a relationship with a best friend an edge over a relationship with a stranger. Everything is sure to go more smoothly, and you will likely have a stronger relationship in the end as a result. Choosing to stay with friends with a person for a long period says a lot about your relationship.

There isn't much worry for heartbreak when it comes to leaving friends, so if you choose to start dating your best friend, you can rest assured that you are in a relationship with someone who shares the same feelings as you do.

6 key things to remember when you start to actually date your best friend

You already know that you care for one another because you have chosen to remain friends for a long period. The fact that you are best friends shows that you have a special bond that not many other people share with you or your partner.

This is a great advantage when going into a romantic relationship because you will feel special and loved. You have already built that baseline of care for one another, making it much easier to stoke the fire of your love. Showing that you care for one another before you decide to go into a relationship is key. If your best friend rarely checks in on you or is concerned about your well-being, you may not want to date that person.

You deserve to have a partner who cares about you and the things going on in your life. Don't waste time or energy on someone that doesn't deserve you. Dating your best friend is a good idea, but only if this person treats you how you deserve to be treated.

History of friendship means you understand more about each other than your average new couple does. This offers great benefits because you are tuned in to one another early on. This will make it easy to navigate many of the firsts that give new couples trouble.

One of the most difficult things to deal with in a new relationship is your first fight. It is the dreaded and inevitable experience for any new couple trying to make a new relationship work. When you are dating your best friend, you already know how to talk to one another. You also have valuable insight into what makes your partner upset, and you probably know strategies to avoid the things that might set them off. While this won't be enough to avoid an argument for a lifetime, it will surely help. You already have the skills you need to communicate effectively with your best friend.

You understand how to calm them down, and they probably know the same about you. This is a great asset in your new relationship to have!

A relationship built on the foundation of a solid friendship is one of the best relationships to have. When you put your trust in a friend, you know they will not let you down.

5 things to know before dating your best friend

The foundation that you build in a friendship differs from that of a relationship. They do have similarities, though. For example, you would want to trust and be open with a friend just like you would partner. The only thing that truly separates friendship from a relationship is intimacy. Everything else is already there. The foundation you have is built on love and care for one another. There is no sex in the equation, nor any other intimate emotion. This is a solid and wonderful place to start a relationship.

You will be happy for years to come! You get into a relationship with someone too often to realize they are not who you believed them to be.

Best friend, soulmate: why dating your best friend might be a good idea

When you date your best friend, you are eliminating the guesswork. You already know things about them that you have discovered over a long period of being involved with them. You won't have to worry about the script getting flipped at the last moment. You can trust and believe in your partner because they were your friend first.

The happiness and peace that this will bring you will be worth its weight in gold. You will focus on things in your relationship, like enjoying your time together and having fun, instead of slowly realizing this person is not what they seem.

You can have full trust and care in this person and know exactly what you will get out of the relationship. This is sure to make for a wonderful partnership for years to come! A common struggle for new couples is learning how to spend their time apart. For some couples, time apart is avoided at the cost of the relationship to close friends and family.

7 things to know before you start dating a friend

You likely already have structures set in place regarding what time you spend with them versus the time you spend with others important to you. You won't need to be constantly near each other because the novelty of the new relationship you have won't just be about companionship.

It will also revolve around love and intimacyfirst and foremost. When you are in a relationship, and you take time apart to live separate lives, you are both benefitting. Being independent of one another means that you are in the relationship for the right reasons.

Too many people these days choose a mate simply because they don't want to be alone. If you are making the strides to give your partner space and doing the same, you got a keeper! New relationships are notorious for being awkward. Meeting up with someone you don't know to talk about things you probably don't care about in a restaurant setting can get weird quickly.

You won't have to worry about ice breakers or having small talk conversations about your childhood. Instead, your dinner conversation can revolve around common interests or exciting things that happened throughout the week. This will be a more enjoyable and exciting experience for both of you.

Dating your best friend is a great idea for many reasons. Doing the process backward almost always guarantees a great relationship. If you are having struggles picking a partner or need someone to talk to, reach out to ReGain. Their counselors and therapists are fully accredited and trained to help people just like you. You can get freedom from what ails you - all you must do is reach out!

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Even though it may not sound so nice to you, everything will change when you date your best friend and start having sex with them. This is not a new dating discovery of some sort.

After you started dating them and once you have seen them in the intimate situation that comes with sex, your outlook on them will automatically change. While getting yourself exposed to someone you are dating comes with its associated risks, there's more to lose if that person is your best friend. If you have ever lost a friendship, you sure know how painful it can be, but it will be more painful with your partner. But what could produce the most pain is when you decide to date your best friend and lose him in the process. It is truly not a loss most people can cope with because it can breed multiple pains.

If you chose to date your best friend, you have crossed a delicate line, and if, unfortunately, things turn sour, you will never regain your friendship with the person. Things have changed forever!

What you should know before dating a friend

It is in your best interest not to attempt it if you are not a risk-taker. Due to this, you may not easily notice the potentially harmful behaviors that come with dating a friend. Our best friends know all our deepest, darkest secrets. Unlike being in a relationship with others, your best friend, who also doubles as your partner, knows and understands you a bit too well. They know your darkest, deepest secrets that no other person may know.

When you weigh the costs, this may be an unpleasant premise to establish a romantic relationship. You already have the requisite elements for a romantic relationship with your best friend. You know how they like to be reached out to, you easily get along, you have similar interests and values, know what pisses them off and what makes them happy, you know their exes, romantic, and sexual history — you've shared these things with yourselves because you were best of friends.