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Good news! You just got your dream job. But, your new career comes with a catch—a zero tolerance drug policy.

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As laws change, talking about marijuana use is slowly becoming more common. Some people are assessing its medicinal value, while others are looking for ways to flush it out of their system because of drug testing or a simple desire to get toxins out of their systems. When you smoke or consume marijuana, you can feel profound and immediate effects. But even once those effects are gone, marijuana metabolites remain. This means that chemical remnants of the plant are still present within your body. These remnants are called cannabinoids.

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Nothing ruins the morning after a sweet toking session like having to deal with a random drug test or, as the kids call it, the dreaded We mean, come on: why do employers and authorities have to panic about something organic?

Trying to ‘clean’ your system before a drug test? skip the vinegar

In this article, we tell you all about the products, methods, and techniques you can use for some good THC detox to ensure that whatever trippy things happen inside your basement, stays in your basement! Best at-home detox— Home Drug Test Kits.

The best THC detox techniques include convenient, easy-to-order products, and at-home remedies too. If you need a solution to get rid of any remaining cannabinoids in your body, with the use of everyday objects you can easily grab at your local grocery, then this is the best THC detox technique for you. However, a great rule of thumb is that you have to flush out meaning, pee those THC particles as many times as you can in a single day. Ideally, you can start doing this THC detox method a couple of days before any drug test.

Coffee is a diuretic, which means it promotes urination.

How to eliminate thc from your system: a complete guide

And since peeing is a way for the body to get rid of its toxins cannabinoids being one of thosedrinking coffee helps you flush those contaminants out more often. As an added bit of advice: make sure you accompany your coffee regimen with some B vitamin supplements to further help your body get cleaner, faster. Getting rid of those pesky cannabinoids rarely gets as refreshing as this: THC detox drinks. These wonderful concoctions made from a mix of medicinal and all-natural ingredients are also some of the most effective products that you can use to flush your body of any THC.

Suffice it to say that no urine test at work can stand to the power of these helpful beverages! This amazing drink helps you get rid of any THC residue for as much as five hours after a night of smoking up some of those sweet greens.

Best thc detox methods: proven tips to detox marijuana out of your system

Keep in mind the first hour after drinking Rescue Cleanse maximizes its detox capabilities. That means you have to pee as many times as you can within the five-hour window, as well as abstain from eating or drinking anything except H2O.

Lastly, Rescue Cleanse is perfect even for people who are more than a couple hundred pounds, so all of you jumbo-sized stoners out there definitely have something to celebrate! And one of the ways that this particular type of vinegar helps keep you in tip-top shape is by way of its amazing detoxification properties.

As such, all you need is a couple of teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar mixed with some H2O to create a detox solution you can use to get rid of all that ganja in your body. An ideal dosage for the apple cider vinegar detox method is 2 teaspoons in one glass of water done three times a day. For that, you have the Toxin Rid 3-day detox kit: an all-natural THC detox product made from a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. The company that produces these pills has even made sure that their products are both cruelty and filler-free.

And as far as after-sales services go, Toxin Rid takes care of their customers on that end. Synthetic urine, such as the Clear Choice Incognito Belt, comes with a nondescript belt and delivery system that you wrap around your waist. It also contains compounds found in natural pee like creatinine, uric acid, and urea.

Marijuana detox: myths, facts, and tips to get weed out of your system

The thing is, the more fat you have in your body, the harder those cannabinoids stick to you. Working out on a regular basis improves your metabolism rate, which in turn helps you cut down fat in your body quicker.

And since THC metabolites stick to your fat, burning them away gets rid of them. If you have the time, patience, and discipline to not touch a bong or chomp on an edible for a relatively short period of time, then the abstinence method is going to come easily to you.

Abstaining from weed in all its forms for about a month or so will help your body get clear of any contaminants at its own pace. Cranberries are naturally rich in antioxidants, which make them perfect for cleansing your body of any THC metabolites still circulating in your body.

To further boost its effectiveness, we highly suggest you also double up on water or another beverage rich in electrolytes, to keep yourself more hydrated while you go to the bathroom more often.

How to pass a drug test for weed?

If not, then just take some B-vitamin supplements along with your cranberry juice! Believe us when we say that your detoxing journey will go way smoother if you get yourself a home drug test kit. The smallest gap or variance from proper usage might affect the you get. Still unsure? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by fellow stoners about THC detox techniques:. Once those fat cells get burned away, THC then enters your bloodstream.

Marijuana detox: what you should know

The range varies greatly, from a mere 15 days to as long as half a year. It depends on a of factors, which ificantly affect how long your body might store these metabolites:. In other words, the higher the THC levels as in sativa strainsthe more of it gets stored in your body, and the longer it takes to flush them out. After being burned away from your fat and processed through your bloodstream, THC goes into the excretory parts of your body like your kidneys, bowels, and skin.

It all depends on your preferences. If you like to do things naturally, then abstinence mixed with regular exercise is the perfect method for you. In cases where you need an extra bit of help from a more thorough drug test that uses saliva or blood samples, then the best detox solution is using a THC detox kit or taking THC detox pills.

Another great detoxing technique is with the use of THC detox drinks like the Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink, which provides an almost instantaneous cleanse for your body. Going the natural route of either abstaining or exercising might be effective and affordable, but if you need a quick fix for your detoxing woes, then we highly recommend you go and try out a THC detox drink like Rescue Cleanse.

Yes, they are. However, you need to follow the instructions on how to take them down to a T. Even then, you might need a bit of time to make sure that all the THC has been flushed out of your body. Do note that the longer the program and more comprehensive it is, the more efficient it clears your body of THC. Yes and no.

When lab technicians see this, you carry the risk of being found out as someone trying to tamper with your drug test. Not at all. Mixing weed with alcohol—though fun— will do the exact opposite of detoxifying you of THC. In fact, alcohol has been known to even boost your THC levels, which makes you feel Mary Jane's hallucinogenic effects more strongly should you take the two substances at the same time.

Best thc detox faq

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Best thc detox methods to pass a weed drug test in

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