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Origin: [S2]JamesTowN. Hon temporary ban from matchmaking hope is that it will curb some of the abusive behavior we have observed in matchmaking, and ultimately decrease the percentage of matchmaking games that fail to start. The vast majority of matchmaking games that are aborted are caused by one of following three scenarios: 1 Players are unable to connect to the game server once the match is announced. While each of the above three scenarios may happen to a player occasionally, none of the above should be happening to any player constantly. As a result of this, a while back we put in place an update that has been tracking every time a match aborts the reason it was aborted and which players were causing it to happen most often.

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Hon temporary ban from matchmaking

As a player that likes to solo q a lot, i get a huge amount of trolls very often, the problem is when you are forced to stay in a game with trolls Hon temporary ban from matchmaking you cant disconect more than once every day before you get a temporary ban. In this sort of games you should not be punished with a temporary ban when disconecting and in the end all it does is promote toxicity when you are forced to suffer troll games you become toxic yourself.

I think the amount of games I have been in that were truly lost and didn't end within minutes is extremely small. After we hold out for 15 minutes - even with some lost racks - he stopped going jungle and we win many games in the end. Just don't give up so easily. There are a lot of people which might include yourself that just give up once the game gets challenging.

Those games won't win themselves though, you have to work for your victories.

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I think one or two weeks ago, I won a game where we were totally doomed at the end - we lost all three raxes, enemies were suiciding into our well to get more kills, just to not notice that our mid lane had pushed their shrine. HoN has so many comeback-mechanisms, you just have to not ignore them and learn to turn games.

In addition: Leavers in those games make it harder to turn them. So if those games become certain losses, you're probably the biggest reason for that if you left the game or went afk.

You missed my point tho, i dont mind dying 30 times in a game as long as no one is trolling, but why am i forced to play and remain in a game and end up carrying a troll? Why should i waste my limited time dealing with trolls when i just want to have a decent game?

If im not enjoying the game why am i forced to stay? It just promotes toxicity.

Hon temporary ban from matchmaking just common sense that if you have a player doing their best to hurt your gameplay, calling your position, ksing, taking your farm and exp, etc, that you will not want that person to get a free win. If you get in a team with trolls, just leave and accept the fact that you will get temporarily banned from tmm.

I guess you didn't get my point either : If you see everyone that is not doing their best or at least says so as a troll and that it's no fun playing with him. Maybe others don't see it that way and instead don't have fun playing with you since you're the one ruining their game by leaving it. So what you want is "free trolling for everyone", right? Just grow up.

Hon temporary ban from matchmaking

When you're using the internet, you're gonna face trolls - everywhere, not just in HoN. Either you endure it or just hide in your closet. Either you're better than them, or you are not thought you already told us in which you fall I guess. You just assumed i consider everything as trolling and that i cant take the pressure or something, but im not calling troll players those that play poorly or make bad decisions, im talking about the hard trolls that ruin your gameplay and make everything in their power to make you die and unable to farm, the ones you cant just mute and continue playing.

Maybe you should grow up instead of assuming something about someone you dont even know.

[locked] banned on matchmaking

Well i just wanted to know the logic behind, but i can just be banned and play my subs i guess. Just enjoy the game by knowing you can get those guys a real ban because they made something that qualifies them for one. The longer the game, the more evidence. At least that's my take on it. In most cases yes, but aparently you cant report some1 for following you around in jungle taking farm and exp cuz last 2 times i did it, it was found not guilty.

And i dont really care about those players, i just Hon temporary ban from matchmaking enjoy my games, sometimes i dont even bother reporting cuz i dont feel like wasting a couple of mins of my time for them.

You can, but they have to do that more than just a few times. Those cases aren't crystal clear cases, it also kinda depends on the GM who is judging or the SGM overruling the case.

And you don't waste your time for them, but for others that have to suffer from them. Btw aren't you wasting your time because of them on this very forum rn? Why is reporting that much worse? I usually write while waiting for matches or doing other stuff that requires waiting.

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Temporary matchmakin

Edited May 16 by Manu Edited May 16 by GiveUpBra. Sorry but you can't make the leaver system less punishing than what already is.

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