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I'm seeking Dating amanco engines that wants chasity

Discussion in ' Help Wanted ' started by GlenreedSep 17, Internal Fire Museum of Power. Hi Just picked up my new engine today and wondered if there are any Dating amanco engines experts who could help me with Basic starting instructions and possibly help with dating it, Its a Bradford Amanco enclosed crank with spoked flywheels engine no is stamped in the end of the crank and on the top of the govener arm.

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Amanco engines

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Lewis, Look on this website, you will find lots of info including a date listing. Lewis, I don't find any serial even nearis it perhaps ? A 4xxxx serial would be a 4 horsepower engine. would make it latewhat trip does it have, straight or gooseneck?

Amanco hiredman

Your ignitor will also probably be a "deep" set up, the Amanco parrifin engines had the ignitor points extended deeper into the cylinder. Most of this information Dating amanco engines from Keith Smigle's website mentioned above. They are real nice runners, got any pictures? That is most likely the correct serial and would put it around Tom Martin Registered. On a good Associated magneto, you can get a spark between the wire and the body of the magneto while turning the magneto by hand. On other rotary magnetos, I have hooked up an analog volt meter and spun the magneto by holding the gear against a spinning wire brush or turned the magneto shaft with an electric drill.

A Webster magneto can also be checked while spinning with a drill if you first remove the springs. LarrapMan Registered. Definately all petrol, it would need to get really hot before it would run on paraffin. I doubt that it would get hot enough without a load. It doesn't affect the running much either, the engine should be cleaner on petrol. If you get it running on paraffin run it on petrol for a few minutes before you turn it off that should clean the paraffin out and it should then start easier next time.

I was not Dating amanco engines to claim I know everything about running throttle governed engines as I don't but I have had experience with several and from my experience they always run best on petrol when not under load- Well they were made to start on petrol and then work under load on paraffin.

I believe they have the same compression ratio and the only difference is a longer reach ignitor and throttle governing. Anyway, they will only really run on paraffin when under load as this will allow them to get hot enough. If you running them with no Dating amanco engines they won't even open the throttle and after a hole day of running the water will be only just boiling. If you decide to try paraffin then it will be dirty and stink because its still not hot enough and I can promise you will get bored of sitting behind it at a show.

However if you put a load on the engine such as your new mill it would probably run good on paraffin. I run all of Dating amanco engines on petrol all day and they run really good, keep clean and don't stink. Also they start really well and its much more convenient at shows as you can stop and start them as you please.

I am sure that American fuel will be very different to ours and hence it may give there engines different characteristics.

They will probably say they get there throttlers running nicely on propane! Which is a good idea if you want to modify the carb.

Bradford amanco

Merv C Registered. G,day guys. I agree with Joe, I run my spark ignition kerosene engines on petrol. The Mogul has always run on petrol. Once at a rally I tried to run the Tangye V type on kerosene, it ran beautiful on kero until it got cold and then I couldn't start it again until I got rid of the unburnt fuel and heated it up again.

Lewis, The only way you can run your engine on kerosene successfully, is to have it on a consistent, reasonably heavy load, such as a generator, otherwise use petrol, It will not hurt the engine. This is my 6 Mule Team, it starts up like this every time I go to it and will run just like that until I turn it off.

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