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When you hear Craigslist, you think of buying a car or maybe selling your couch. One of these more obscure Craigslist s is the casual encounters section, where people flock to the site in the hopes of finding no-strings attached sex.

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The arrival of spring and the deep house cleaning it inspires means more people are putting their old furniture, devices, sports equipment and clothing up for sale. If you have the time and patience to sift through the offerings, there are wonderful treasures to be found. Stay one step ahead of scammers and keep your money safe by following these eight tips when using Craigslist. Lots of Craigslist scams can be avoided by knowing basic information about the site.

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Because Craigslist is still the world largest virtual bulletin board, the most common scams are fairly well-known. The best way to avoid them is to be aware of the most frequently used Craigslist scams in the first place. Stock photos are a clear of a scam, but even pictures that look more realistic could be fake.

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Never meet them for the first time at a private home, or invite them to your home before meeting them in-person first. Source: GeekWire.

Many community police stations offer their parking lots as a community meetup space specifically for online transactions. Or use an official Community MeetUp Spacewhich has video cameras on at all times in addition to safety precautions. Dolly will send background-checked Helpers to pick up your item — whether it be a small television or a massive sectional — from the seller and deliver it straight to your home.

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From OfferUp to LetGothe rise of the sharing economy has resulted in plenty of Craigslist alternatives, all you can reach without leaving your web browser. While receiving text inquiries about your item up for sale is much easier than constantly responding to s, posting your phone online is an open invitation for someone to steal your information. Instead, use Google Voicewhich allows you to select a different phone from your own, but still accept calls and texts.

Your should always be protected as well, so always use the proxy that Craigslist offers when posting a listing on Craigslist. Source: deGeo. One lesser-known way that identity thieves or creeps will steal information about you is from the photos in your listing.

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If you took the picture at your home, someone can easily Craigslist secure dating fake out where you live from that photo. Be extra safe by using a geotag remover app like deGeo to keep your frequent locales private. It may seem nerve-wracking to pay someone in cash instead of through an app, but services like PayPal and Venmo allow for transactions to happen totally online without ever actually seeing the product. And if you pay online, you may never actually receive your product — or, you get home and find that your product is a fraud.

In fact, stealing your information or money through PayPal is one of the most common Craigslist scams, so if you can, avoid paying through PayPal altogether same goes for wire transfers!

8 things on a craigslist listing that shout “scam!”

But by keeping your Craigslist exchange cash-only, you can be sure that none of your information is wrongly distributed — and that you get paid in full. Source: Cult of Mac. Inspecting the product in-person is important, too, especially with tech like iPhones. Ask the seller to pull the item out of the box and show it to you, then test it for yourself. We can help with that.

8 ways to avoid getting scammed on craigslist

Let Dolly take care of the heavy lifting, pickup, and delivery of your large Craigslist purchases, so you have more time to pay attention to the details. Miranda is the Marketing Coordinator at Dolly.

Moving into a new area is exciting until you realize that your new place needs furniture. After moving costs alone,…. When you…. Cover Photo: Direct Painting Group Your home is your sanctuary, a safe place to unwind and relax after a long…. In a tight space, every square foot—well, every square inch—matters.

From furnishings to clothes to groceries, every item you buy…. Benson On February 5, Miranda N. Tags: craigslistcraigslist safetyletgoOfferUponline buy and sellprivacy protection.

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