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Active Sky SP2 has been released! This comprehensive upgrade to the 1 weather simulation engine for desktop flight simulation brings ificant improvements in many areas, further increasing realism, enhancing visuals, and super-charging the overall weather experience. Improvements are numerous and include better overall weather depiction and smoother transitions in all weather modes, updated station databases, increased tropical storm coverage, overhauled wx data network for better performance, and improved interpolation.

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Developed by HiFi Technologies, it provides "ultra realistic" lights, ro, railways, runways, taxiways, clouds, sun, moon, water, waves, and light flare "in full high-definition quality," HiFi promises.

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Active Sky is the latest iteration in a long line of weather add-ons by Hifi Technologies. Except This time, they did more than just tackle the weather.

So, the basics. So, you can expect more realistic weather simulation compared to the stock FSX weather engine. Active Sky now also delivers a bunch of replacement textures for FSX, going from clouds, over water to runways.

So, this review will have to look at more than just weather. Because of the included textures, Active Sky is quite a large download.

If you download from SimMarket, like I did, you need to download 6 files in total. This total file size of these downlo is just shy of 3 GB. Installing is easy. Make sure all files the 5 data files and the installer are placed in the same folder, and run the installer. But that said, installing is a breeze.

Active sky sp2 crack ((install))

At this time, it will check for a correct serial, and will also activate the product for online use. You can safely install the product on more than one system, but you can only run one at a time online. A very fair solution, I think.

How it performs in flightsim will come later in the review.

Hifi tech – active sky review

Both of these section are also broken up into relevant parts. The first section is of course what people mainly buy Active Sky for: the weather engine. There are a lot of possibilities with the Active Sky weather. By default, AS will load real-life, real-time weather. Another possibility, is that you can as user-defined weather, much like in the default FSX, but more detailed.

A very neat feature is that you can even drag-and-drop a weather preset onto the map-view in AS, and have it update FSX as requested. Finally, AS weather can also realistically depict hurricanes, thermals, and even wake turbulence behind AI aircraft. Now, how does this work? In contrast to older iterations of the Active Sky series, AS has three possible weather depiction modes.

In the standard mode, Active sky works pretty much like the FSX default real-life weather, although more accurately portraying the actual real-life weather. According to the manual, this mode is the most accurate for surface weather. Again according to the manual, this mode is the best for local flights and gives the best cloud smoothness, in exchange for slightly reduced accuracy. Direct Weather Control is a global mode, meaning that the entire FSX world Active sky 2012 download the weather your aircraft currently has.

The upside is that it again, according to the manual has the best balance between smoothness and accuracy. Also, it has the most realistic winds aloft simulation, making this by far the preferred mode for long range, high altitude flights. What this means is that, besides sending more realistic weather to your sim, AS can also update your actual FSX texture files, to make it look better, or more realistic.

AS has some interesting features here. First of all, you can manually select which textures you want to install.

Active sky

However, this is very time-consuming, as the amount of replaced textures, and the amount of possibilities to replace them with, is huge. Second, you can just generate a random set, and install that, or use a combination of the 2 possibilities above: generate a random set, and edit it a little manually. Despite the amount of textures to be replaced, installing them goes pretty fast.

There are more possibilities though. Active Sky has a flight planner built-in, for example. The Active sky 2012 download I use most in the program though, is the weather report. This gives you a complete weather report of any identifiably station. The user interface of the program is structured and easy to use.

There is very little delay or lag in switching s. But the weather and the textures certainly are worth talking about. I happen to be living only a kilometer or 2 from the airport, which makes it easy to make that comparison.

So it certainly is a lot better than default FSX weather. But in general, visibility simulation is a giant leap better than in normal FSX. And you can also notice where the real strength of the product lies. The replacement cloud textures are good.

Especially if you let AS choose the textures for you, you get a very realistic experience. The sky textures are also good looking. Especially dusk and dawn can be pretty impressive. However, a sky texture for the daytime that fits a clear winter day perfectly, will look weird on a warm spring day when clouds are building.

This of course is a matter of personal taste, but I think the default FSX textures are better than many of the AS textures for runways and aprons. I think they would look a lot better if the details were smaller, and more Active sky 2012 download. I did try more than one though. What it does is read the actual weather from AS, and display it on a mapview, exactly like the mapview in AS itself.

Installing the XGauge is easy, as AS comes with an easy to use, fully automatic installation tool for it.

My remarks on it are the following: the update rate is very slow, the clickspots are smaller than the actual visible buttons, and the graphics resolution is too small. So, for a conclusion here. I like the program, and how easy to use it is. I absolutely love how it sends accurate weather to FSX. This is quite a steep price, no matter how good the program is.

But with one add-on doing both weather and replacement textures, you get quite some bang for your bucks. On that note, if Active sky 2012 download plan on buying AS for the textures only, there are better and cheaper products that are better known and longer established in that department. The real power of AS lies in the weather, and in combining weather with relevant textures.

That said, when taking all features intoActive Sky is a very good product, one which I can truly recommend to all FSX users who like flying in something else than clear skies. Active Sky on Simmarket. Its great. It will make fsx lag if your computer doesnt have a great graphics card. Although ASE is a bit harder on system resources, the weather depiction is much more exciting than in AS6, and when I recently tested both to real conditions it proved visually much more realistic and dramatic.

I much like the active flightwatch voice service on That way I can see the weather change while Active sky 2012 download the airport. Hi, we appreciate the review! Installation: Because of the included textures, Active Sky is quite a large download.

Conclusion: So, for a conclusion here. Like: Easy to use program with good looking and intuitive GUI. Saturday, April 3, 1. Friday, August 7, 0. Saturday, June 27, 0. Newest Oldest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Jerad Burns. Thursday, May 3, Tuesday, April 17, Wednesday, April 4, Damian Clark. Reply to Damian Clark.

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