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I am look up A just because poem who like chocolate

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Here they share their voices in poetic form to give us insight into who they truly are, and remind us how dangerous labels can be.

See the pictures below to read their hand-written versions of these poems. Just because I am calm Doesn't mean I don't have an opinion Doesn't mean I don't know my rights Doesn't mean I am going to A just because poem myself to others I am peaceful. Just because I am a teenage girl Doesn't mean I hate school Doesn't mean I dress inappropriately to get boys attention Doesn't mean I stay all night on social media I am different.

Just because I am a feminist Doesn't mean I am stern Doesn't mean I hate men Doesn't mean I see them as 'beneath me' I am a fighter for gender equality From both perspectives. These pieces are so well thought out, catchy and interesting to read.

Building self-efficacy through confidence: just because poem

I am amazed at the clarity of thought of the writers and how beautifully they composed their message. I find the poem by Claudia the most striking where she talks about being quiet. It reflects what Worldpulse seeks to achieve giving women a voice. Thank you so much for your comment of support and encouragement. I LOVE the idea of a cultural exchange between the girls in my group and yours.

Where are you located?

By anonymous

I would love to hear more about your students and your ideas to make this happen. So look forward to it! We would love to skype and be penpals!! I know the time difference might be a problem.

Just because

I only see the girls once a week in the afternoon, on Tuesdays at pm my time which I think is around pm your time. Why don't we start with penpals and then try to figure out a way to skype? When I see the girls on Tuesday we will figure out a way to do this, and then send you a letter together on WorldPulse. Thank you Pela!

This is such a lovely connection unfolding. If this exchange happens, I hope you'll document and share on World Pulse! Thank you, Kim! We're so excited about it too.

Thanks for your words of support. We'll keep WP updated for sure :. WP has given us this platform and we will make it happen. Nice, reminds us how we felt when growing up and how no one understood what we felt like.

Poems about being unique and special

Dear Karly, It was an amazing share by you of the poems written by the young students. Surely,the poems show the insight of what they believe and have experienced.

How strong and intense the discord and chaos of the world around affects them can be seen through these poems. The" Just because " written by Ciham speaks of her individual respect for humanity and brotherhood through her universal message of being human. Even Claudia speaks of a voice which can be heard by all.

The article really gives us a thought of how strong the impact can be when we label things ,people,communities,nations in front of the young minds and how practically and clearly these people can show the lost ones their way. Best wishes, Soumya. Thank you so much for these beautiful words.

They are appreciated by all of us. With love and respect, Karly.

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