Ship and Yacht Registration

What does it mean for a ship to be registered?  Like human beings, ships have to have a name and an address, but there the analogy ends, because a ship needs much more.

The principal purpose of the registration is to provide proof of ownership.

We offer an advice as to  the flag of convenience that would best  suit individual needs of the ship or yacht owner and, of course, can register a specifically tailored corporate structure for holding and protecting a vessel. Many yacht and ship owners prefer to keep their ownership confidential, therefore the majority of yachts and ships are owned by companies and corporations rather than individuals.

While selecting a suitable jurisdiction and a flag for the vessel, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. The major factors are: registration costs and annual fees, the flag and the jurisdiction reputation, tax implications, nationality of the owner and the expected area of operation.

Purchasing a yacht or a ship is a major acquisition which requires careful planning, and our professional consultants can guide you through this process.

Our company can assist you to register a ship or yacht under the flag of Seychelles, Malta, Cyprus or Marshall Islands.

Each of the country has specific requirements and restrictions on vessels registration, so contact us for more detailed information to help make your right choice.

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