Patent and trademark registration


Patented ideas are granted everyday that come from such diverse origins as Individual inventors to teams working for large, international corporations. Patentable ideas sometimes are conceived by accident. Others are composed out of necessity. Some are calculated by corporate designers or professional inventors. Still, many others are merely passed down through family connections. The point is that ideas often translate into patents. And once an invention becomes patent pending through the filing of a patent application, the inventor is on the road to a potentially lucrative endeavor that is unique and legally protected. For an idea to be termed an invention, one must have an idea and then reduce it to practice. In other words, an inventor must be capable of explaining how the idea will be reproducibly applied in a real world example. For instance, if an inventor conceives of a machine that can instantly transport a person from New York to Los Angeles, he or she has a great idea! But if the inventor actually knows how to build such a machine, he has a great invention. An idea needs to be more than just abstract to be an invention. With strict confidentiality, our company together with our trusted partners continues to guide people ranging from solo inventors to corporations around the world in determining whether their ideas have become patentable inventions.


Unique words and designs that represent the “brand name” or “brand identity” of your products and / or services should be protected. The brand identity of a product is commonly known as a trademark and the brand identity for a service is known as a service mark. A “trade name,” the name of a company, does not function as a trademark. However, our trusted partners can assist you in taking certain steps so the name of your company can function as a service mark. Your mark, the brand name or design logo associated with your product or service, is the symbol of your hard work, the symbol of the quality of your product or service, the symbol of your skill. Your mark enhances the value of your product and service. Your mark may not yet be as old as the COCA-COLA® mark or as valuable as the GOOGLE® mark, but it is a vital and integral element of your identity. Specifically, a trademark is the brand name that appears on your product so that consumers can easily identify your product from those of your competitor. If you or your company offers services the brand is referred to as a service mark. You can also acquire rights to: 1) A unique overall appearance of the interior layout and design style of a restaurant, 2) A unique, non-functional design of the packaging used for your product, 3) The unique colour of your product if consumers associate that colour only with your product, 4) and A unique sound that is used in used in connection with your product or service. You can register word marks, design marks (logos), slogans, or a combination of these elements. We can also assist you in registering collective trademarks and service marks, collective membership marks and certification marks. We recommend registering your mark as soon as you have chosen an appropriate brand name or design mark (logo). The process begins with a comprehensive screening search in various online databases,  to make sure someone else hasn’t already applied for or registered the mark you wish to use and register. While discovering that your mark is already in use is disappointing, it’s also a very good way to avoid a potentially expensive legal action. You don’t want to invest substantial sums and build a successful business and then learn that you have to change your brand name, your logo, or you slogan. Additionally, you don’t want the expense of defending an infringement action or paying out money to someone else because you are using a mark that is confusingly similar to his or her mark.

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