Bank Account Opening

Bank Account Opening

We have a working partnership relations with several crediting institutions in the Baltics and other European Union states and offshore jurisdictions. Depending on your requests and planned Company activity on the account we can choose and offer you a specific bank and assist in opening an account. We offer you wide choice of possibilities for opening of accounts for resident and non-resident Companies.

By account opening and than, after the bank operation accomplishment, bank contacts with us, as your representative and we answer all the bank questions and queries.  For representation purposes, sometimes, especially in the case of trust management of your account by us,   the Power of Attorney is needed to  the name of JFS Consulting Limited, accordingly to make possible the representation of your Company and complete functioning of the  account.

Each bank has it’s own requirements for the account opening, so please contact us to help you choose the right banking institution for your business activity.

Please check our banks list for more information and possible solutions.

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