LR: The draft law „Law on Waste Management”

In comparison with the Law on Waste Management already in effect, the draft law provides:

  1. to define terms “recovery”, “disposal”, “re-utilization”, “preparation for re-utilization”, “separate waste collection”, “prevention of the waste production” in the Latvian legislation;
  2. to identify areas which are not suitable for waste management regulatory requirements;
  3. to include waste reuse, recycling and preparatory activities for the waste reuse in the waste management hierarchy;
  4. to establish procedures for determining waste management regions, particularly in relation to the administrative territorial reform;
  5. to establish requirements for prevention of waste production programs’ objectives, content, development policy, the public discussion and review process;
  6. to adopt requirements relating the waste management plan, its content, the development and public discussion policy, as well as the review and assessement and arrangements of such plans;
  7. to ensure the achievement of the requirements mentioned in the Directive relating the separate collection of municipal waste management system, as well as for reaching municipal and construction waste targets;
  8. to specify the process of municipal and industrial waste management.


The draft law is being considered in the Cabinet of Ministers on 2nd reading

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