Lithuanian Prime Minister: GDP grew 6,6%, we are on the right way

Mr. Andrus Kubilus, Lithuanian Prime Minister commented on 28 of July new data provided by the Lithuanian Department of Statistics concerning the economy’s growth in the country. He believes the new data shows that the authorities had chosen right strategy to fight the crisis. According to the Department of Statistics of Lithuania Lithuanian GDP grew 1,1% in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2009. If we compare figures of 2010 then the GDP growth in the second quarter of the year constituted 6,6% compared to the first quarter. “I am happy about the economy revival. It proves that we are moving in right direction, Lithuanian economy gets out of the crisis & the plan for economy stimulation works out. Still we require additional efforts & time in order to stand against the challenges of unemployment & budget deficiency”, — Lithuanian Prime Minister told.

Let’s remind that in the framework of anti crisis measures in Lithuania salaries of budget paid employees, social benefits & pensions were cut several times during the last two years.

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