Is there a threat of merging of Ukrainian economy by Russia?

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich considers that the threat of merging of Ukrainian economy by Russia exists but Ukraine firmly defends its national interests. “The threat of merging of Ukrainian economy by Russia exists. But nowadays the Ukrainian economy is so integrated in the international economy that it doesn’t have much importance. We keep en eye on it. And Russia understands it. I always say: you are so huge, please, cede us in one problem, in another one, in the third one. It has always been this way. And by the way they stick to this principle’, he told the Ukrainian television in October. According to the Ukrainian President, the Russian parts doesn’t always want to do it but we always try to persuade them with facts, examples of that is also beneficial for Russia. “It is beneficial for them the Ukraine develops because at the same time is a huge consummation market- and it is beneficial for us the Russia develops because we have a 40 billion dollars circulations of goods with them”, he clarified.

Yanukovich also underlined that maintains contacts with Russian President Dmitrij Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. “We don’t have much soft talks. We have many crucial talks and obviously, everyone defends their national interests”, he said. “We meet not because our relations are so lovely but because of our obligation to launch the economic mechanism that was partly lost between our countries”, Mr. Yanukovich underlined.