Internal Debt of Russia exceeded two trillion rubles

By September 2010 the internal state debt of Russia grew 3,4% & is of 2,04 trillion rubles. The debt grew due to additional allocation of bonds with permanent coupon’s profit. Their share in total debt is of 44,5% . The sums for other stocks  have not changed. The biggest part consist of federal loan stocks with debt amortization (830,16 billion rubles or 40,7%). Since 2009 Russia started constantly increasing its state debt caused by the after crisis budget deficit. The government decided to make loans both in internal & external markets.  In April Russia for the first time during 10 years issued stocks of external debt for 5,5 billion dollars. By September the total sum of the external debt was of 41,6 billion dollars (more than 1,2 trillion rubles). The main part of the debts (a little less that 31 billions) is due on euro bond loans.

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