Europeans loosing optimism

Duran Barrosu’s speech in Euro Parliament in September  has become the first important event of  new political season in Europe. The optimistic forecasts made by the Euro Comission’s head only partially coincided with the opinion of the deputies, others felt like “far from reality”. According to the leader of the Parliament’s socialists “there are enough money in Europe. But there is a growing tendency towards its concentration in the hands of a very few people while the major part of the population is loosing it. This makes Europeans manifestate more frequently”. Indeed protests against tough governmental measures for expanses reduction are to be hold on 29th of September all through out Europe.  A representative of the European liberals believes that the president Barrosu has presented a very competitive program for the new season. “Its defect is only in the fact that it doesn’t inspire much optimism in the Europeans”. A convincing factor supporting Barrosu’s became a massive strike against pension reform held in France the same day.

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