Republic of Seychelles is one of the most dynamic and competitive offshore financial havens in the world.

We provide offshore company registration services in Seychelles. We also provide all the subsequent support required for the smooth operation and maintenance of Seychelles offshore companies.

These support services include provision of the Registered Address, Registered Agent, assistance with special licensing applications, provision of company management and administration services, provision of directors and shareholders, bank account introductions, mail forwarding, custody of documents, preparation of corporate documentation, secretarial services and a range of further ancillary services.

The Seychelles has established well-formed legislations for International Business Companies, Offshore Banks, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, Trusts, and extensive programs of investment incentives, as well as the International Trade Zone.

The Seychelles have territorial taxation; thus only locally-sourced income is taxed.
Furthermore the Seychelles are an excellent investment base for investors between Europe and the Far East, being between these time zones, and have the benefit of a multi-lingual population, with English and French as the two business languages.

The laws of Seychelles take a most comprehensive, modern and attractive approach to the establishment and operation of offshore companies, mutual funds, offshore banking, offshore insurance and freeport activities.

In 2003, the government legislated for additional types of company: Special License Companies, Protected Cell Companies and Limited Partnerships. It is easy to form corporations, and privacy is reasonably assured. Seychelles signed a number of  tax treaties which add an excellent instrument available in the jurisdiction  for the tax planning.

An “IBC” is the most efficient and often used separate legal entity in Seychelles. We are naming below just a few examples of the valued features of this type of incorporations:

  • Keeping the business interests as much confidential as possible,
  • Securing assets against possible claims, namely bankruptcy, creditors, judgment, litigation, etc.,
  • International tax planning aiming to reduce tax burden,
  • Maintaining bank accounts and deposits,
  • Leasing a property in Seychelles to use as office from which to communicate with members
  • and where books and records can be kept,
  • Owning a vessel or an aircraft registered in Seychelles.
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