Nevis is a traditional offshore company jurisdiction in business since 1984. It is well known as a stable, secure and private offshore centre.

Nevis is part of the two island state of St. Kitts & Nevis. It is an independent, sovereign English speaking nation, located

in the Eastern Caribbean. The Confidential Relations Act of 1985 guarantees the confidentiality of Nevis offshore companies and bank accounts. Offshore Exempt Companies incorporated in Nevis are free of all taxes. Salaries, dividends and interest may be distributed to shareholders free of tax and there are no capital gains or inheritance taxes. Registered or bearer shares are allowed.

Note hat by law, the original bearer shares must be kept in custody at the Registered Office. Copies are provided to the owners.

There are no exchange controls. There are no minimum capital requirements. The Nevis offshore company may conduct business and maintain bank accounts anywhere, have domiciliation facilities in Nevis, and administer or manage its offshore business affairs from Nevis or any other country.

There is no requirement for books or audited reports to be presented to any authorities. St. Kitts & Nevis is an independent, sovereign nation and will not be affected by the current and future UK/EU legislation impacting the British Dependant Territories and Channel Islands. Offshore companies in Nevis are incorporated under the Nevis Business orporation Ordinance Act of 1984 and amendments, and privacy is protected by the Confidential Relations Act of 1985. An offshore company incorporated under this Act may engage in any legal business.

A licence is required to engage in the business of banking, insurance, assurance, re-issuance, fund management, collective investment schemes or any other activity which is associated with the banking or insurance business.

An offshore company incorporated in Nevis has the same powers as a natural person. Names requiring consent or a licence are: banks, building society, savings, loans, insurance, assurance, re-insurance, fund management, investment fund, municipal, Chamber of Commerce, University or their foreign equivalents.

Companies may be redomiciled into or out of Nevis. The normal authorized share capital is either 1000 shares of no par value or US $100,000 par value shares.

Additional incorporation fees are charged by government for amounts in excess of the above.

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