Ireland may be a small country but it has become one of the EU’s biggest success stories. The so-called Celtic Tiger economy
has powered ahead in recent years, fuelled by foreign investment, low corporate tax and a liberal approach to trade.

Generous investment incentives complete an attractive package.

No wonder that thousands of foreign investors have opened an Irish
company. There are plenty. Geography to start with – Ireland is perfectly positioned as a trade bridge between Europe and the United States. Secondly, it is a global e-commerce hub, boasting a truly world-class telecommunications network. Above all, it has a particularly beneficial tax environment with corporation tax fixed at 12.5% on all trading income, whether manufacturing or otherwise. If you need advice on tax planning in Ireland we can put you in touch with our team of local specialists.
What are the main types of company in Ireland?

  1. private limited company (PrC)
  2. public limited company (PLC)
  3. partnerships
  4. branches

Ireland is emerging as a major international banking centre in its own right. The main national clearing banks offer a full range of services, including foreign exchange and hedging, while many international banks are represented here for commercial  lending and foreign exchange facilities. Opening a bank account is just about the first step you will need to take if you establish a company in Ireland, and we will be happy to help you with this.

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