If you’re a foreign investor and you want to open a German company, you have a broad spectrum of options. You could take a cautious view and start with a one-person sales office based within a serviced office (we can help you with this). If it doesn’t work out, you can easily withdraw without having invested very much capital. Or you could have the courage of your convictions, and enter the German market in a manner that makes clear you really mean business.

Our company formation service makes it easy for you to establish whatever kind of German company you want, from a sole trader through to a partnership or corporation.
There are four main forms of German business entity, and they are as follows:

  • limited liability corporation (GmbH)
  • stock corporation (AG)
  • partnerships
  • sole proprietor

The federal government offers a wide range of incentive programmes, including loans and grants, depending on the nature of the company and its intended location. Some areas of Germany offer capital investment grants of up to 50% to SMEs.

It is also worth noting that local government incentives may be offered in the form of beneficial tax rates but these are not generally available in the major cities. Germany has world-class international banking facilities and the first step in opening a German company should be to open a local bank account – we can arrange this for you.

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