Estonia’s economy has boomed in recent years as it has pursued a liberal business agenda in preparation for EU membership
which was finally achieved in 2004.

Foreign investment has flooded into this small Baltic state enabling it to create a relatively relaxed environment for the international business community.

However Estonia is still developing, and investors should tread carefully. It is particularly important here to seek professional advice on all legal, financial and tax matters. We have a network of carefully-selected local advisers.
There are two main kinds of business entity in Estonia:

  • public limited company – Aktsiaselts (AS)
  • private limited company – Osauhing (OU)

The minimum share capital for an AS is EEK 400,000 (€25,500). The minimum share capital for an OU is EEK 40,000 (€2,550).

  • General partnership (TU) – no minimum capital requirement or financial reporting requirements, all partners separately liable
  • Limited partnership (UU) – similar to TU but makes distinction between general and limited partners
  • Sole trader (FIE) – no capital requirements or financial reporting obligations.
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