Our company, with the help of our partners, carries out registration of Canadian corporations in the province of New Brunswick for non-residents of Canada, assisted in the open corporate bank accounts in Canada, merchant accounts with Pay Pal and merchant accounts with Canadian banks.

We also register non Canadian companies including offshore companies in the province of Ontario and carry out assistance in opening accounts in Canadian banks for these companies.

Each corporate account includes connected with the account debit card “PLUS”. Therefore, the owner of the Canadian account can get cash anywhere in the world at ATMs with the sign “PLUS”. Almost all ATMs in the world served debit cards “PLUS”.

Canadian companies are recognized by banks and government organizations worldwide. Therefore, for the Canadian company, easy to open an account in almost every bank and register office in any country in the world.

Canadian companies are not associated with any offshore activity. For comparison, the U.S. LLC (particularly Delaware), the UK company and Cyprus companies consistently associated with offshore activities, which greatly complicates the use of such companies for business in the European Union, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.

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