Belize is an English speaking country located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America. It has been in the offshore business since 1990, and its International Business Companies (IBC’s) are governed by the International Business Companies Act of 1990.
Belize is a stable, peaceful democracy. It was previously a British Crown Colony but is now independent. Offshore companies registered in Belize are tax free and there is no requirement for filing annual returns or audited statements. The Belize offshore company may bank or do business anywhere in the world. There is no requirement for Directors or Shareholders to be residents in Belize and they may be of any nationality. Unlike some other jurisdictions which require bearer shares to be immobilized at the Registered Office, bearer shares may be kept at the offices of Maritime International Ltd. at no charge.
There is no Government record of Directors or Shareholders for Belize offshore companies.
A Belize IBC may be incorporated in any language. Chinese language incorporations with Chinese documentation are very


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